Netgear ProSAFE GSS108E 8-Port Gigabit Click Switch Review


Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Netgear Click SwitchWhen evaluating the new Netgear Click Switch the first thing most users will focus in on is how much the switch costs. Right now, you can get the 8-port switch for $65.99 shipped from Amazon. The thing is that you can find a number of other very nice unmanaged 8-port switches for as low as $39.99. For example, the Netgear ProSafe GS108 is one of the most popular 8-port switches on the market today, but doesnt come with any of the mounting brackets or cable management that the GSS108E Click Switch has. Also the GS108 really looks older and more industrial compared to the newer form factor Click Switch.

Of course the performance of the Click Switch is important and our testing showed that it performs generally as well as any other Gigabit network switch we have seen. What is incredibly nice is that the user has the ability to customize and adjust network and performance settings on the switch such as Quality of Service (QoS) and other traffic prioritization settings. There is even a way to troubleshoot connection issues with a cable test option.

Netgear Click Switch Cable Test

If you have even the slightest need to mount your switch on a desk, wall, post, or anywhere, you will not only appreciate the mounting kit and system that Netgear includes, but you will probably save money when you have to purchase mounting equipment for a typical switch. Factor in how the switch looks in a business environment, and you will want to go with the modern and sleek looking Click Switch over the traditional Blue Box. The fact is that the Click Switch does look better than a simple metal box sitting on the conference room table. The included system lets you mount the switch cleanly and route your cables neatly.


One thing the Click Switch does have in common with Netgears other Blue Box network adapters is the Lifetime Hardware Warranty that includes a Lifetime Next Business Day replacement and Lifetime Technical Support.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line:

The mounting options and cable management system that the 8-port Netgear ProSAFE (GSS108E) Click Switch has is by far what sets this switch apart from anything else on in the industry. The combination of the Click Switchs mounting abilities, performance and ability to monitor and control network traffic is why we gave it our Recommended Award.