Netgear ProSAFE GSS108E 8-Port Gigabit Click Switch Review


In the Box and Setting Up

Netgear Click SwitchNetgear packages the 8-port click switch with some unique items to help you set up the switch in various environments. Besides the main Click Switch, you get 2 cable retention straps, a backplate for mounting, a Power cord, and a Resource CD. The power cord is 5-foot long and can be connected in two ways – one where the cable comes out perpendicular to the body of the switch as well as parallel to the switch. This give the maximum amount of versatility to your install and is ideal for home and office use. Netgear Click SwitchTypically, a switch would come with maybe a couple of screws for mounting and thats it. Here, we get a very useful backplate so that you can not only mount the switch easy, but it makes mounting and dismounting of the switch as easy as clicking the device into place.

Netgear Click Switch

Netgear Click Switch

Unlike other basic switches on the market, this Netgear Click Switch has an internal power supply that eliminates the need for a bulky power brick. This allows the switch to be placed in more locations with a smaller footprint. The switch can also be configured to control the LED that could be distracting if placed in a Media room or dim conference room.

Netgear Click Switch GUIAfter installing the Configuration Plus Utility on our PC, we were able to select the Switch and enter the configuration menu. Here the user can configure Port LED, QoS, Rate Limit, IGMP Snooping, Port Mirroring, VLAN, Flow Control, and Broadcast Storm Filtering.

As you can see from the above screen, the Click Switch is not just your ordinary dumb unmonitored switch. Netgears Click Switchs two USB ports are used for device charging such as tables, mobile phones or Bluetooth headsets. A maximum of 10W can be provided on each port port but the two can only draw 15W when both are being used.

The Netgear ProSAFE Click Switch sets itself apart from the other Netgear ProSAFE switches as it comes in a unique body style that allows it to fit in discretely in an office or home theater environment. The dimensions of the Click Switch are just under 4 in width, 4 depth, and 1.5 in height.

After quickly plugging in our Click Switch, we took a look at how it performs.