Maximo iMetal iP-HS1 & iP-HS2 Headsets for iPhone Users


Deciding on the iP-HS1 or iP-HS2

Maximo iPhone Headsets

Really, the first and only thing that distinguishes these headsets is their form factor. Both are earbud-type headsets, but the iP-HS1 mirrors the basic type of headphones you get with Apples iPhone or and any other media player. The iP-HS1 fits on the outside of the ear canal and really the only adjustment is made by adding the little foam cover to the face.

Maximo's Multifunction Button

Maximo iP-HS1 Earphone Earbud

Each of these headsets has a Soft-touch multifunction button for call answer/end and song pause and song skip. The button on the headset makes controlling your iPhone a lot easier and for some is an absolute must have. When we first reviewed the V-Modas Vibe Duo, a button like this didnt exist and many of our readers said that no matter how the earphones sounded the lack of call control was a non-starter. Shortly after our published review, V-Moda released a second version of their Vibe Duo, this time with a call control button. Maximo didnt make that mistake and once again proved that a full-featured product does not have to break the bank.

Maximo iPhone Headset Weighing In

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