Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging Pad Reviewed With G903 and G703 Gaming Mice

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Logitech G703 LightSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse – Wireless FPS Greatness

G903 Specifications


●Sensor: PMW3366

●Resolution: 200-12,000 DPI

●Max. Acceleration: Tested at over 40G

●Max. Speed: Tested at over 400 IPS


●USB data format: 16 bits/axis

●USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1 ms)

●Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM Durability

●Main buttons: 50-million clicks

●Max. distance: tested at over 250-km range

Battery life

Default lighting: 24 hours

No lighting: 32 hours

Physical specifications

Height: 124 mm (4.88 in)

Width: 68 mm (2.68 in)

Depth: 43 mm (1.69 in)

Weight: 107.6 g (3.79 oz), mouse only

Cable length (charging/data): 1.83 m (6 ft)


2-Year Limited

Based on the G403 Wireless gaming mouse, the G703 is an ideal mouse for those with medium to large hands and is well suited for FPS games, given its weight. Unfortunately, the G703 shape and button layout does potentially cut itself of from ten percent of the population, as it is limited it to right handed use, only. The G703 retails for $99, but can often be found on sale for less, as they are at Amazon for $93.90, right now. Using the same Omron 50-Million click switches and PMW3366 sensor as the more expensive Logitech G903, the G403 gives users many of the high end features of the G903 at $50 less. It also weighs a little bit less and handles a bit more nimbly than the G900. I recommend you try both mice, if possible, as even though the G903 is more expensive, I find myself using the G703 more often than not, because it’s got more comfortable side grips and the shape suits my hand better.

Logitech ships the G703 with a USB cable (not pictured, same type of cable as PowerPlay), USB LightSpeed nano receiver, and a user manual. The 10G weight included with the G903 is also included for optional installation. I have always felt the G403 Wireless and now the G703 Wireless have excellent balance without the added weight, but it’s nice to have that option.

Logitech G703 - Top View

The Logitech G703 features a familiar shape, with an inward curve for the thumb and decent amount of height that lends well to medium to large-handed use. Quality materials are used throughout the mouse, with rubberized sides and quality plastic used for the shell and buttons.

Logitech G703 - Side View

The G703 sports such a simple, yet attractive look. The side buttons have great placement, with a nice gap between them to let the user know which button they are pressing. Both of the side buttons on the G703 have excellent tactile feedback and feel great, with no sharpness or stiffness on the buttons, as I’ve seen with other mice. The buttons have a nice amount of space below them for the thumb to rest and the rubberized material feels excellent on the G703, with an excellent, soft-yet-comfortable grip.

G703 - Bottom

On the bottom of the G703, we have a power switch that has a nice amount of resistance and is hard to hit on accident. The mouse feet are curved on both the front and backside, with another bit of mouse feet material around the sensor. The G703 glides effortlessly on any surface I’ve used it on and these feet seem decent enough. I’ve tried replacement Hotlines mouse feet on my G403 Wireless and found them to be a slight improvement in glide quality, so I will likely eventually upgrade the G703 feet when they’ve worn a bit. The USB charging port of the G703 uses the same Logitech custom cable, but you won’t be using it if you have the PowerPlay mat.

Logitech G703 Top View

Both the Logitech G and scroll wheel are RGB and can be set within the LGS for various modes, or turned off. This RGB light syncs up with your other RGB devices through the LGS, as well. The scroll wheel has a decent ratcheting action and solid, tactile clicks. There is no horizontal click on the G703, as there is on the G903. Right below the scroll wheel is a configurable DPI change button. You can actually assign this to pretty much any input of your choosing in LGS if you happen to be like me and run at a set mouse DPI and not want to use a DPI switching function.

The Logitech G703 is an attractive, simple wireless mouse that has great build quality. Everything about this mouse just works well. From the excellent shape, to the solid implementation of the PMW3366 sensor, Logitech hit all the right marks with the G703. For me, I don’t need all of the features presented by the G903 and actually prefer the shape of the G703, even though the G903 has slightly more responsive clicks and a far superior scroll wheel.


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