Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

We feel the Logitech G910 Orion Spark comes off as a love it or hate it kind of keyboard. The curved edges around the bezel make for some subtlety, but everywhere else is a vision of some futuristic technology. Its asymmetrical wristrests and edgy keycaps, some of which have additional patterns, might not leave a good impression for those who have an eye for more conservative shapes.

Logitech G910 Orion Spark

Then there are the keys headlined by the new Romer-G mechanical switches, a very Logitech take on mechanical switches. They have a tactile feeling most comparable to Cherry MX Brown switches, but with the tactile bump moved very close to the start of the keypress. A hard plastic landing pad makes bottoming out the keys sound at a lower pitch and come off quieter, but feel soft and mushy. This is unlike keyboards with Cherry MX switches which when bottomed out on their metal mounting plate, feel crisper and have a higher noise pitch. The shorter keytravel of the Romer-G switches is noticeable, but we feel the slightly higher actuation force needed to press these keys doesn’t give it enough of an edge to solidly overcome the more delicate Cherry MX Browns. The large keycap tops can give a feeling of typing with fat fingers if one is accustomed to typing on tapered keycaps with wider separation. For most reasonable people, it might take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to get used to the larger tops of these less forgiving keycaps.


The RGB backlighting is quite impressive as a result of the lights being directed through “light-pipes” to illuminate the fairly large key fonts. The visibility of the key backlighting is good in a lit room and expectedly is quite showy in low-light and dark environments, in ways better than Corsair’s RGB keyboards. The G910’s RGB backlighting possibilities are limited and nowhere near as endless as is possible for the Corsair K70 and K95 RGB keyboards. However, Logitech’s customization software is substantially much easier to use and comes with enough presets and templates to enjoy. It would also be neat if the Arx Control app was given the ability to control key backlighting.Logitech G910 Orion Spark Logitech Game Software

We grew to like the G910 Orion Spark over the long period of time we had it for testing. It took a few hours to get used to the larger, less forgiving keycaps, but it’s easy to see that the large lettering font on the keycaps makes the RGB backlighting impressive. Combined with the light pipe in the Romer-G switch assembly, the G910 lights shine brightly through the keycaps without leaking out from around the keys. A single color backlight version of the G910 wouldn’t be a bad idea to cater to those who want the feel of the Romer-G switches in a somewhat more affordable keyboard. At the same time, we feel the G710+ which features Cherry MX Brown switches with O-ring dampeners is better because it’s far less mushy. The G910 Orion Spark costs $179.99 and is currently available only at Logitech’s web store or Best Buy until sometime within a month or two when other retailers will be allowed to sell this keyboard. That price is close to or as the same as the Corsair K70 RGB and the Razer Blackwidow Chroma, both of which offer more than one option of mechanical switch. There are other differences: Corsair’s keyboards allow for macro customization on any key and the Razer Blackwidows Chroma has a USB and audio passthrough, but lacks exclusively dedicated media controls. All of these keyboards at this time including the G910 are limited by their 8-bit color transitions with the worst case for noticing the perceptible steps in color with breathing or pulsing lighting effects. Overall, the unique Romer-G mechanical switches, the nine dedicated macro keys, and the keyboard’s appearance are what set the G910 Orion Spark apart from its competition. That means preference plays a big part if Logitech’s RGB mechanical keyboard is right for you.

Legit Bottom Line: The Logitech G910 Orion Spark immediately sets itself apart from other RGB mechanical keyboards with a futuristic looking design and the Romer-G switches which offer a similar, but distinctive feel compared to Cherry MX Brown switches.

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