LG Optimus G Pro E980 AT&T 4G LTE SmartPhone Review

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LG Optimus G Camera Testing & Network Performance

Each of the pictures below was taken using the LG Optimus G Pro 13 MP camera. Each of the pictures is unedited other than size, reduced from 4160×3120 to 700×525, there has been no color correction or adjustments made to the photos.

I was really impressed with the first pictures that I took with the LG Optimus G Pro. The 13 MP camera really brought out the colors and captured the details of the water fountain. It was a nice sunny day, so the conditions were pretty much ideal and the Optimus G Pro really took advantage of that.

I took a walk down to the Fox river, and was able to take some great shots of the river and the falls.

Standing in the same spot as above I zoomed in on the falls as much as the LG Optimus G Pro allows and the pictures still came out great. The water falling over the falls was still really well detailed

Still zoomed in, we were able to capture the boat and a skier with some great detail considering the distance we were at.

I was really impressed at the quality of this picture, the water rippling across the rocks showed a lot of detail, the stones came out crisp and detailed.

I think this is my personal favorite photo from the LG Optimus G Pro. The clouds really stand out, the sky is nice and blue, overall a really great photograph from a cellphone!

LG Optimus G Pro Network Performance

We ran Speed Test several times and we had a wide range of network bandwidth. We never broke into 10MB/s+ download speeds though which was a little disappointing. We’ve seen much faster speeds from the AT&T 4G LTE network in the past. Granted there are a number of variables to consider, like network traffic and signal strength. We were testing on a Saturday afternoon so I don’t doubt there was some reasonable network traffic here in Chicagoland. Our upload speeds were certainly solid, we hit bandwidth as high as 19001kbps, but 1 minute later that dropped to 4113kbps. The performance was a little hit and miss, but the overall experience was solid when trolling the interweb!


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