LG Optimus G Pro E980 AT&T 4G LTE SmartPhone Review

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  LG Optimus G Pro LG Optimus G  Galaxy S3
Quadrant 2.1.1 9328 7803 3,776
AnTuTu v3.4 19939 18752 8,811
AnTuTu Battery Test v3.4 462
SunSpider 1.0 (ms) 1281 1115 2,330
Peacekeeper 572 603 317
Browsermark 2.0 2225 2809 2,094
3DMark Ice Storm 9287 7759 3559

SunSpider: lower scores are better.  Higher is better on all other benchmarks.

The LG Optimus G Pro was doing a great job in our CPU benchmarks when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the LG Optimus G. In Quadrant 2.1.1 the Optimus G Pro scored 9328, 1525 points faster the the Optimus G and 5552 points faster than the Samsung S3! In AnTuTu the Pro scored 19939 which is faster than the LG Optimus G score of 19752, and worlds faster than the 8811 scored by the Galaxy S3! The LG Optimus G Pro didn’t fare as well as I had hoped in the browser tests like the SunSpider 1.0. In SunSpider the LG Optimus G was slightly faster with a time of 1115ms while the Optimus G Pro scored 1281ms. The same pattern emerged for Peacekeeper, and Browsermark 2.0. 3DMark Ice Storm was in favor of the LG Optimus G Pro once again though. The Optimus G Pro scored 9287, the Optimus G scored 7759, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 scored 3559.

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