Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB 2400MHz CL12 DDR4 Memory Kit Review

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Memory Bandwidth and Latency Benchmarking

SiSoftware Sandra 2014 SP4:


Sandra needs no introduction as it is the most popular memory performance benchmark available!


Benchmark Results: The Sandra memory bandwidth benchmark shows that you have a nice performance boost over a typical 2133MHz memory kit. The 2400MHz and 2666MHz memory kit scores are all from the Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 memory kit that we are reviewing today. We wanted to show what the kit would do with the stock timings and then with as tight of timings as we could get at 2400MHz and 2666MHz.  As you can see the with the XMP memory profile on this 2400MHz memory kit we were getting around 52GB/s of memory bandwidth. We were able to manually tighten the timings to 12-11-12-24 1T at 2400MHz and that helped bump up performance to around 54GB/s. By overclocking the kit of memory up to 2666MHz and running 13-13-13-28 1T timings we were able to get around 57.45GB/s of memory bandwidth, which is a solid score and better than the off the shelf Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB 3000MHz DDR4 memory kit with the CL15 XMP profile settings. 


AIDA64 Extreme Edition 4.70 Beta:

AIDA64 Extreme Edition 4.70 software is an excellent benchmarking tool for looking at memory performance on any desktop PC.


Benchmark Results: AIDA64 showed that the Kingston HyperX Predator with 2133MHz JEDEC speeds and manual tightend timings of 14-14-14-36 1T was good for about 56.0GB/s read and 46.7GB/s write speeds. With the 2666MHz XMP profile loaded up and left at the default timing we improved to 60.1GB/s read and 46.9GB/s write and then at 3000MHz the read speed very slightly crept up to 60.8GB/s read and 46.9GB/s write. There is a pretty good bandwidth increase going from 2133MHz to 2666MHz, but there appears to be a smaller improvement from 2666MHz to 3000MHz due to the loosened timings. You can see the looser DDR4 timings really impacted the copy test results as it went from 62.4GB/s on 2666MHz down to 60.8GB/s at 3000MHz.  It just goes to show you that faster clocked memory isn’t ideal for all situations as timings are still critical.


Benchmark Results: When it comes to memory latency we were getting 62.4 ns at 2400MHz with the XMP profile loaded up. By manually tighteing the timings we were able to get down to 59.7 ns at 2400MHz with full system stability. When we overclocked the HyperX Predator 2400Mhz kit up to 2666MHz with CL13 timings we were able to get down to 58.6 ns.

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