Kingston HyperX Genesis 2133MHz 16GB Memory Kit Review

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Overclocking the HyperX Memory Kit

Overclocking the Kingston Technology 2133MHz Genesis memory, the first thing I attempted to do was reduce the timings of this memory from 11-12-11-40 to a 10-11-10-40 timings, while maintaining the same CPU frequency of 3.8 GHz (Turbo applied) and leaving the memory frequency at 2133MHz; while at the same time keeping the memory voltage at 1.65. This new memory setting quickly resulted in a non-posting of my computer. After getting the computer to load up default BIOS settings, I decided to only make individual timing adjustments: for instance, I would use 10-12-11-40, 11-11-11-40, 11-12-10-40, and each of these different but subtle timing adjustments would not allow the computer to post properly or resulted in a non-posting process of my computer. Since overclocking the memory just by reducing the timings was out of the question; this left me with only one option to overclock this memory, that being using the BCLK of the ASUS P9X79 Deluxe motherboard. I upped the default BCLK from 100 to 105 resulting roughly with a 2240MHz overclock on the memory, I was able to boot into Windows 7 but it was not stable enough for me to use my computer properly. I started dropping the BCLK till I had stability with my computer, which ended up resulting me with a 103.2 BCLK with a frequency of 2200MHz on the memory. To keep the CPU at its targeted default speed of 3.8GHz I had to raise the CPU multiplier from 36 to 37 so that I can maintain the CPU core speed of 3.8GHz throughout my testing , so that I can see the performance of the memory by itself without being influenced by the CPU.

Hyper X Default

For more information on how the ASUS P9X79 Deluxe motherboard overclocks while using the Intel Core i7 3820 CPU please feel free to visit this review HERE.

Hyper X Overclocked

Overclocked Settings used for testing, 103.2 BCLK, with a CPU core frequency of 3818 MHz, memory frequency of 2200MHz, using 11-12-11-40 timings.

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