Kingston HyperX Genesis 2133MHz 16GB Memory Kit Review

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Overview of the 16GB 2133MHz Genesis Memory Kit

Hyper X 2133 Packaging

The packaging that this memory kit came in I will have to say is top notch. Kingston Technology made sure that the memory kit was protected enough for the rigors of packaging, and from shipping; while also providing an easy to open packaging.

Hyper X 2133 Opened

Opening up the packaging Kingston Technology, uses a tray like system the holds the memory in an up-right position, and keeping them separated from another. What we get included with the memory kit is four times four GBs of 2133MHz memory with an instruction manual.

Hyper X 2133 Sticker

The memory is pretty easy to remove from the packaging just simply grab a stick and gently lift outside of the carrier. The one thing I noticed that is not on this set of memory is the physical timings imprinted onto the side sticker that we have seen on so many other memory kits; which, I thought was rather odd because now the only true way of finding out the timings is to install them and then fire up a CPU-Z based program and find out.

Hyper X 2133 Memory

The 2133MHz Genesis memory outside of the confines of the packaging, Kingston Technology uses a more traditional low profile style of heat-spreader on the memory itself. The low profile heat-spreader should ensure that we can use large CPU coolers alongside of this memory.

Hyper X 2133 Side View

Just a quick look at the side of the memory, this just reaffirms that Kingston Technology uses a more traditional style of heat-spreader on this memory kit.

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