Kingmax 256mb DDR-400 Memory



It seems that the stick of RAM that we have that bears the MPXB62D-68KX3 product label, does not meet the specifications given by Kingmax at all. In the very near future, the everyday PC user will be required to use PC3200 memory (DDR-400) and the motherboard will not allow you to use anything less than that speed. So if someone purchased this RAM in that scenario, their computer would not work at all… in fact, it would not even post! How is a user supposed to use a computer at DDR-400, if the RAM does not even run at that speed?

With this issue of meeting product specifications, it seems obvious that Kingmax’s ISO-9001 quality control regulations did not cover this memory module, and I would be worried about how many other memory modules were not covered by quality control! You can find this RAM on sale for US$40 advertised as DDR-400 RAM. You can find Corsair CAS 2.5 PC3200 RAM on sale for US$52 and it will actually work at DDR-400 speeds!

It is hard to recommend the Kingmax DDR-400 RAM to anyone interested in DDR-400 (PC3200) RAM on many of the common single channel AMD platforms!

6-24-2003 **UPDATE** We have tried the Kingmax memory on a number of NF2 motherboards with better success, but still not much luck on single channel memory KT400 boards! On the Intel side of things everything seems fine!

7-2-2003 **UPDATE** We used the Kingmax memory in a review with some OCZ Premier with better results HERE!

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