Kingmax 256mb DDR-400 Memory



We all know there are many different types/brands of memory modules to choose from. Kingmax is a brand name that I personally have not heard of until we received a few sticks of Kingmax 256mb DDR-400 Memory from Intel in our "Canterwood" package. So today we are going to give you a quick look at Kingmax’s MPXB62D-68KX3 256mb DDR-400 Memory Module. We will be comparing it to our Corsair 256mb PC3200C2 Memory Module.

Kingmax Semiconductor Inc. was founded in 1989 and is listed among Taiwan’s Top 150 manufacturers according to the May 2001 Commonwealth Magazine. Kingmax is considered a leading manufacturer of memory modules. Kingmax is based in Taiwan and has over 400 more employees working in sales offices in America, China, Australia, and Europe. Kingmax is also ISO-9001 certified, so we should be able to expect quality products from Kingmax since their R&D department’s process follows a strict set of guidelines.

Next I will give you a list of Kingmax’s 256mb DDR-400 memory features and our benchmark results.

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