JayBird SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

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Final Thoughts on the JayBird SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones

JayBird SB1 Sportsband Review

So, overall, what did I think about the JayBird SB1 Sportsband Headphones?  Let’s break it down a bit:

The build quality of the headphones was outstanding.  I really think that they were designed very well.  The one exception may be that they may not fit some larger heads.  They could have made the slides a little longer to fit the larder heads that will consider these.  Ok, that just sounded weird!

Setup of the headphones was also very easy, but that was no thanks to the quick start guide, which was vague and not very detailed.  The saying goes, “Don’t explain things so that someone can understand, explain them so they cannot mis-understand.”  We were able to pair the JayBird SB1 up pretty easily with our MacBook Pro and our iPhone… even at the same time.

Battery life was just as advertised on the SB1 set.  They lasted just under 8 hours while connected to both my iPhone and my MacBook Pro.  They also held their charge for several days between uses.  I really was impressed with the battery life we got out of these things.

The $79.00 shipped price for the JayBird SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth Stereo Headphones is quite good for the build quality that you get.  Sure, there are more expensive sets on the market; in fact, there are some that are much more expensive than these.  But these will not be competing in that high-end $300-400 range anyway.  Looking at one of my favorite etailers, I do see some other headsets that are priced VERY competitively.

Sound quality is the one area that I was disappointed in with these headphones when listening to music.  It is not that they sounded terrible. Not at all.  The sound quality when making calls was just fine, but they just did not have the punch that I was looking for when I listen to my music.  The bass was really kind of flat — not punchy at all. I tried every EQ setting in iTunes that I could find and just could not get these dialed in to a setting that I liked.  The packaging boasts a great bass sound, but for me, it was just not there.  I have a set of wired headphones that I wear, and quite honestly, they are quite a bit cheaper, and I enjoy the sound I get from them.

Legit Bottom Line: The JayBird SB1 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones display exceptional quality in their build.  They are easy to use and priced right.  Everyone has their own opinion, and in my opinion, they just lacked in the total sound quality that I was looking for.  If you can try before you buy, I would highly suggest that.

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