How Will Doom 3 Play On My Notebook?

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Benchmarking @ 640 x 480

With the lowest resolution, quality level, and detail level we saw over a seven frame per second increase by using the ATI CATALYST 4.9 Beta drivers on our notebook. Is Doom 3 playable on a notebook? This chart shows that it clearly is! Lets see what low quality with high details runs like.

The scores are a bit tighter here with only 3.3 frames per second between the ASUS V8.01 and ATI 4.9 Beta drivers. High detail looks much better than low detail and by far is the way to run the game when you are playing it. At these settings the game runs smoothly and our gaming expierence was as we expected.

You guys would flame me alive if I didn’t turn AA on, so for this chart I kicked in 2x AA (anti -aliasing) and ran the game in high detail at low quality. There was hardly any difference between the driver performance when configured like this and none of the drivers could break the 30 frames per second threshold. The corners looked a bit crisper, but at low quality 2x AA seemed to be a waste of FPS.

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