HMDX Craze Bluetooth Earbuds Review


Using the Craze Earbuds and Conclusion

The first thing to realize when it comes to headphones or earbuds is that everybody hears things differently. What might sound great to one person, another might be able to detect flaws. Sound quality is very subjective, so when I listen to a device, I can only compare what I have heard from similar devices. Currently, I use four different bluetooth headsets, depending on the location and device. When I am at the office, I use the Jabra Legend CS, personal use is the Plantronics Voyager Pro, and when I am working in a noisy data center environment, I go for the LG HBS-700’s which are a stereo bluetooth headset, and would most closely relate to the HMDX Craze. The HMDX Craze sounded pretty good for the price, when I compared the audio between the various Bluetooth headsets, I was unable to tell the difference for music or movie playback. When adjusting audio by an equalizer on the Samsung Note 4, the earbuds were able to keep up with the changes within the equalizer without any issues. At all times, the sound was clear and free of static. While they do not have any noise cancelling built into them, the passive noise cancelling in-ear type earbuds allowed me to listen to music while working in a noisy environment, or while mowing the yard this summer. HMDX-Craze-Headphones When it came to making a call with the HMDX Craze, it was very limited to the situation. While the more expensive Bluetooth units have various noise cancelling built into the microphones, the HMDX Craze does not. Of course, looking at the price of the units, the HMDX Craze is by far the cheapest, coming in about half the price of the LG HBS-700’s (or the latest model the HBS-750). With that in mind, during the test calls, I was told that I sounded clear and could easily be understood. When I went to make a call, the music that was playing was automatically paused and resumed once the call ended. You might be concerned about the size and weight of the earbuds, which I was at first, however after wearing them for a few hours I found that the weight wasn’t a factor. I ended up forgetting they were on and was comfortable listening to them until the batteries died about six and a half hours of music playback. If these would last through a normal day, I would certainly use them when working in a noisy data center. HMDX Craze Box Front You can easily spend up to $200 for a more expensive pair of Bluetooth earbuds with the exact same features that the HMDX Craze offers. Other than for wearing an expensive pair of Bluetooth earbuds if the style of the Craze suits you, then there is no reason not to give them a listen. If you don’t worry about the cost of your Bluetooth earbuds, just want a pair that sounds great and won’t break the bank if they get lost, then the HMDX Craze are a great choice. You can get a pair for $32.98 with free shipping, and they come with a 1 year warranty. You can also find them many retail establishments.

Legit Bottom Line: While the HMDX Craze are very low cost, they are do not sound or feel cheap. They provide the necessary features for Bluetooth earbuds, while keeping the sound clear and free of static.