Gigabyte, Intel and Corsair Summer Press Event Highlights

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Intel has estimated that there are approximately 1.2 Billion gamers worldwide, which typically spends close to $90 Billion on gaming hardware annually. With VR increasing in popularity, the need for advanced gaming platforms is increasing as well. The Intel platform is designed to handle the workload of VR with their latest generation of i5 and i7 processors. In addition, Intel is working with the many software developers to help enable them to use the processors to their fullest by increasing the CPU workload and hyper-threading capabilities.

Intel June 2016

Intel June 2016 Gaming Platforms

With this in mind, Intel has a range of CPU that make an ideal VR system starting with their Quad-core i5 systems up to their latest 10-core i7. For their latest CPU, they have their first 10-core processor with the Intel i7 Exteme Edition (i7-6950X). In addition to the high core count, it also enables Intel Turbo Boost Max Techology 3.0 which increases single threaded usage by more than 15%.

For those looking for information on Intels next generation processors, we are hearing that the first mobile solutions based on Kaby Lake will be available late this year, with an expected full launch the first part of 2017, possibly at CES 2017.

We would like to think Gigabyte, Intel and Corsair for holding a private event to update us on their latest products and provide us some hands-on time with the hardware.  We look forward to working with them to take a closer look at these exciting new products.

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