Giada D300 Universal Barebone Mini-PC Review


Giada D300 Packaging

Giada D300 Box

With a mostly white box, the Giada presents basic information on the front of the box; which is actually the same as the back of the box. Here you get a quick overview of some of the features, such as HDMI, USB Superspeed 3.0, Full HD 1080P, WiFi and a few other little bits of information. There is also a tiny view of the D300 itself, just to provide a little tease.

Giada D300 Box Sides

While the front and back doesn’t provide much information, the sides offer significantly more. On one side you get a high level overview of the specifications, while the other side you get model specific information such as processor, amount of RAM, storage capability, wireless features, and whether a remote control is included.

Giada D300 Boxes

Inside the outer box are two other plain white boxes, which are labeled to their contents.

D300 Mini PC Packaging

Each of the white boxes are clearly labeled for what they contain. The box labeled “Mini PC” contains just the mini pc itself. It comes packaged in some form fitting plastic foam which will protect it from damage.

D300 Accessories Box

While the one labeled for Accessories is exactly that, all the documentation, remote control, and other cables. The remote control, cables, and power brick are in a plastic bag for some additional protection.

D300 Accessories

Not many accessories are needed to get the D300 Mini-PC up and running; however Giada includes a few necessary components. First up is the remote control, a power brick, a power cord (the review sample came with a European style plug), and a HDMI cable. The power brick uses a standard computer power connector, which I happened to have many of.