Gennum nXZEN Plus Bluetooth Headset Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

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Ken Brown’s Final Thoughts

Based on voice clarity and sound quality, Gennum?s nXZEN Plus Bluetooth headset is a solid entrant for Best Bluetooth headset. Whatever those Gennum engineers are doing with the DSP and noise cancelling algorithms seem to be working. All our testing done in loud environments were easy to hear upon playback. There was the occasional clipping of sentences, but overall, you really couldn?t ask for a better performance in a noisy environment.

Of course if you have Treo 650 ? buyer beware. This is not the set for you. We still recommend the Sony Erricson for seamless integration and functionality.

For everyone else, the Gennum?s nXZEN Plus is an extremely nice Bluetooth headset and is highly recommended ? especially those who want wireless functionality in a noisy environment. We have not tested a better noise-cancelling set.

For a street price of around $140, the nXZEN Plus is a pricey piece of equipment that we would recommend if you normally encounter noisy environments. As the saying goes, ?you get what you pay for?, this is by far the best noise-canceling Bluetooth headset that we have tested or used.

Legit Bottom Line

For those who are looking for a custom-fit, feature-rich Bluetooth headset ? if you have been a good girl or boy this year (and you have the budget), you might ask Santa to drop this one in you stocking!

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