GeForce GTX 1070 Ethereum Mining – Small Tweaks For Great Hashrate and Low Power

If you are looking to get started Ethereum mining chances are you’ll quickly discover the prized AMD Radeon RX 480 and Radeon RX 580 video cards are sold out most everywhere and finding them used is next to impossible. With Ethereum switching from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) and the quickly increasing ethereum block difficulty level it means that there was no better time to start mining than yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, the Ethereum Block Difficulty reached nearly 695 TH and that 24% more difficult than the 561 TH we started the month at! The mining difficulty will continue to increase over time and eventually Ethereum mining will be unprofitable and people will stop doing it. That is what people are calling the difficulty bomb and hopefully it is a non-issue for Ethereum as they have a PoS algorithm in development.

Ethereum Block Difficulty

So, we are all mining Ethereum on borrowed time and rather than waiting on AMD Radeon RX 480/580 cards to come into stock you might want to look at some of the NVIDIA cards on the market. Last week we looked at more than a dozen AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards to see what the best GPU was for Ethereum mining. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 had really good hashrate performance with us showing 27 MH/s in stock form.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Founders Edition

Since we published that article we’ve been mining 24/7 on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB graphics card and have managed to dial it in for better performance.  We’ve really found that this is a good card for mining and you can actually find them to purchase right now with prices starting at around $369.99. The price of 1 Ether (ETH) is currently $383.43, so with a hashing power of 27 MH/s you are looking at a profit of around $185 a month ($2,255) a year in stock form. If you pay $369.99 for a GeForce GTX 1070 and ETH pricing stays this level you’ll have the card paid off right at 60 days. We also like this card because it has 8GB of memory and it looks like the DAG file for Ethereum will grow past 3Gb based of statistical calculations around the December 2017 or early January 2018 time frame. Once that happens cards with 3GB of memory won’t be useful for Ethereum, so a 4GB or larger graphics card would be recommended.

Ethereum Profit From GeForce GTX 1070

If you are thinking about getting an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Founders Edition graphics card we’ll share with you what we’ve learned on our card while mining on it the past couple weeks. We didn’t build a crazy mining rig for 6-7 GPUs running off one board, but rather built up a modest system with an Intel Core i5-7500 quad-core processor with a 65W TDP running Windows 10 and tossed in the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Founders Edition graphics card.

GeForce GTX 1070 Mining Rig

This PC build at idle was using just 25.4 Watts, so it’s a pretty efficient system! Here are the exact hardware components that we are using on our test system:

Ethereum Mining Test Platform



Live Pricing

Processor Intel Core i5-7500
16GB HyperX Fury
2400MHz DDR4
Video Card GeForce GTX 1070
Hard Drive WD Black 1TB
Cooling Intel Stock HSF
Power Supply Seasonic Prime 1000W
Case InWin Z583
Operating System Windows 10 64-bit

We then fired up Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v9.5 to see how the GeForce GTX 1070 performs.

We used the EVGA Precision X OC utility to overclock the memory on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 video card and managed to get the hashrate up from 27.0 MH/s on average all the way up to 32.1 MH/s.

Effective Memory Clock System Power  Est. GPU Power Temperature Power Target Hashrate
 8000 MHz  161W  135.6W  76C  100%  27.0MH/s
 9100 MHz  173W  147.6W  80C  100%  30.MH/s
 9300 MHz  176W  150.6W  83C  100%  31.5MH/s
 9500 MHz 176W  150.6W  83C  100% 32.1 MH/s

The only problem is that with the 8GB of GDDR5 memory on the GeForce GTX 1070 overclocked up to 9500 MHz effective is that the system wasn’t fully stable,

We ended up going back to a memory clock offset of +650 MHz, which puts the GDDR5 effective clock back at 650MHz and then lowered the cards power target to see how efficient we could be at mining and to lower the GPU temperature to ensure the longevity of card.

Effective Memory Clock System Power  Est. GPU Power Temperature Power Target Hashrate
 9300 MHz  176W  150.6W  83C  100%  31.5MH/s
 9300 MHz  136W  110.6W  68C  70%  31.2MH/s
 9300 MHz  129W  103.6W  66C  65%  30.9MH/s

By lowering the power target from 100% to 70% we managed to drop the systems power consumption at the wall by exactly 40 Watts, which is a 23% reduction in power consumption. This also dropped GPU temperature from 83C to 66C! The hashrate was a slightly lower, but not too much. We tried to lower the power target down to 65% and while the GeForce GTX 1070 was stable it lowered our hashrate again. If you are going to mine Ethereum you’ll need to dial in your card to where you like it it be as each card will be different.

What did this accomplish? In, stock form the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition had a hashing power of 27 MH/s. When you plug that into a profit calculator you are looking at a profit of around $185 a month or $2,255 a year. By overclocking the memory and lowering the power target we were able to improve the hashrate, lower power consumption, reduce the GPU temperature and have the fans running at a lower speed for a much quieter system. This improved hashrate means that we have the potential to make around $218 a month or $2,666 per year. That is an extra $411 a year and it means you’ll have your card paid off in about 51 days instead of 60 days! Buy two of these cards and place it in this system and you are looking at making over $5,000 a year in extra income! Ethereum Profit From GeForce GTX 1070

The lowest priced card we could find is the ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 8GB and it is available for $399.99 with a $30 rebate, so $369.99 shipped. You can also find other GeForce GTX 1070 models to purchase right now that cost more, so get the card you want. If you are a gamer and can’t afford a GeForce GTX 1070 this might be an opportunity to get a ‘free’ GeForce GTX 1070. If you can mine for a couple months 24/7 you should be able to mine a coin and pay off the card. You can stop mining and game on it or keep going and make a profit with it. Or you can go crazy and buy 7 of them and make an extra $18,500 a year if prices and difficulties were to remain the same as they are now!

Ethereum Mining on a Gaming Laptop 

Can you mine ethereum on a gaming laptop with a GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card? Yes, you sure can! We happen to have the ASUS ROG Strix GL502 Gaming Notebook (Model GL502VS-DB71) with the GeForce GTX 1070 in it as well and used it to mine some Ethereum as well.

The system was averaging around 25.8 MH/s and was consuming 147 Watts at the wall with the display turned off. We opened up EVGA Precision X OC and you can overclock the memory, but you can’t lower the power target or adjust the fan speed.

We hope this helps those that are looking for current information on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 series and mining Ether! Good luck finding a GeForce GTX 1070 to purchase right now and we highly suggest picking up a Kill-A-Watt P3 P4400  power usage monitor to help you dial in all your systems for maximum efficiency! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

6/16/2017 Update – We have now have an article posted on GeForce GTX 1060 mining for those that are interested in how that model does.

Be sure to check out our previous coverage on Ethereum mining: 

  • Mat Burchett

    I have 4 x 1070 GYX G1 and only getting 22mh stock. Am I missing something ?

    • Mat Burchett

      Asus prime z279-p
      1000w evga gold psu

  • Phillip

    Great article, keep up the good work. Really like the profit estimations.

  • satyendra

    Hi Guys — I have installed following configuration for mining. But I am only getting around 26mh/s hash rate only. Pls guide what might be the problem . Total 6 GPU but getting only 159 mh/s hash rate only

    1.Zotac 1070 8GB (dual fan) GPU’s 2.MSI Z270 Apro motherboard 3.i5 7th gen Intel core processor 4.Cooler Master PSU 1000w 5.8GB Ram and 120GB SSD

  • Eduard Baelish

    try this:
    it’s working flawless

  • CalvinLiang

    The $185 a month using 6x gtx 1070?oe a single cars 1070?im trying to calculate and no matter how i check that number only come once i x6 per card profit

  • Od K

    I think stock GPU CLOCK and OCed Memory clock with lower power will harm my card even in good temp like 65 celius

  • frengki

    Hi, im very new to this,anyone can help me to modify graphic card bios overclocking & undervolting. Optimizing hashrate and lower wattage.

    Currently I am using :
    – Mother board : TB250-BTC Pro and TB250-BTC 6.0 ( 2 rigs with 2 rack)
    – Powercolor Red Devil 8GB OC, Samsung memory
    – Gigabyte GTX 1070 Gaming 8GB OC

    Using Linux under


  • Rico Silvetti

    Are there any modern and available motherboards that will fit 4 of these 1070 GPUs?

  • EthernalyIT

    Hi guys, I’ve a question, what’s your ETH preferred pool? We bought a Zotac 1070 AMP edition (8GB) and 5 x RX580 Nitro+ (8GB)

    But at the moment reading a lot of articles the possible earnings are really variable. Can you help me to figure it out?

    My mining RIG:
    Biostar BTC for AM4 (is going to arrive)
    Five RX580 Nitro+ 8GB
    Ryzen 1700x
    4GB ram DDR4
    SSD 60GB
    1300W EVGA PSU

    My Desktop PC:
    i5 4670K
    16GB DDR3
    SSD 120GB
    ZOTAC 1070 8GB AMP Edition
    EVGA 850W

    Someone suggested to use Claymore’s Dual Miner to mine at the same time ETH and an other coin, and use the ryzen to collect XMR, but I don’t understand how much I can earn per month.

  • Nice

  • john

    Evga 1070 sc black here with Micron memory here :(. only getting +300 on memory clocks. 8.6 Ghz effective. I get 30.xx Mh/s @ 65 power target.

  • El Mórulas

    I’m miming ether with an MSI laptop with a gtx1070 at 29mh/s (OC VRAM +600) and temps between 72° and 74°. I’ve read that pascal laptops shouldn’t been used for mining, mine mines during day and at night I play demanding games. I still have more than a year of warranty but I’m starting to feel worry about the stress I’m pushing on my baby. Does anyone thinks I should stop?

  • Brian Lim
    • Michael VK

      It was 2 months ago, difficulty has gone up a lot so profits are down a lot

  • MiningAintEasy

    “Buy two of these cards and place it in this system and you are looking at making over $5,000 a year in extra income!” — LOL, you should be careful what you write. Each card is now bringing in about $2 per day which means it will take more than 6 months just to pay for the graphics card. So much for your “get rich quick” scheme, lmao.

  • ElfirBFG

    $6/day at 27MH/s, oh to live in last month again. Currently see just a bit more than that at 65MH/s now.

  • new miner

    Need desperate help with Nvidia GTX 1070, Asus Z270p, on windows 10.
    When GPU directly plugged in to motherboard it recognized in both the 16 pin slots, however with risers connecting 4 GPU system won’t boot up and shows black screen.

    Secondly, with risers even a single GPU is not working. Windows device manager shows error – this device is not working Error 43. I tried all recommend steps of upgrading windows, installing latest Nvidia driver.
    Now I am running with 2 GPU directly plugged in on the MB. I have 2 spare sitting idle. Please help. Thanks in advance.

    • MiningAintEasy

      I will assume you have power connected to your riser cards. If you do, then most likely your riser cards are junk. There’s a lot of crappy riser cards coming out of China right now – only about half of them actually work.

    • pablito

      May sure you jumper your PCI x1 slots to force the motherboard to detect your card.

  • inerdtian

    So glad I saw this! I managed to find an open box 1080 FE for 389 before the prices went nuts, and thanks to this guide i’m getting around 25 MH/s at 70% power target and +650 Mem Clock Offset.

    • MiningAintEasy

      Great job, your profit will be about $1.50 a day. I see Lambo’s and Ferrari’s in your future!

      • inerdtian

        Thanks MiningAintEasy I will make sure to run you over with one of them.

        • Ansh


      • Revolutionary

        This guy @miningainteasy is just full of it and trying to discourage people from mining.

  • yany

    Hey Man! I just wanted to let you know I droped you a credit for this great guide in my own Ethereum article, I hope you don’t mind. You can check it here:

  • Hrithik Jayanth

    I was using the same settings that u have recommended for my 1070 card, and after 40odd hours of non stop mining, the screen got a purple tint, the temps were all fine, stable at 64 degrees centigrade, I was using claymores dual miner. So fear struck I reverted everything back to normal setting and closed miner, restarted pc and everything went back to normal, thank God, think before you put your cards to mine
    I think it will damage our cards.

    • mehdi zidour

      pruple screen … maybe its your display did you test it ?

      • Hrithik Jayanth

        Yes, turned the monitor on and off, it remained the same until the restart, besides I don’t think it’s a problem of the monitor, the monitor wasn’t running 24 /7

        • Tk111

          You’re draining too much juice from your psu

  • Teodor Brisku

    Hi what would be in case of using the abovementioned Asus Rog the tolerable temperature for GPU,and for how long in a day in term of hours would be reasonable to do,and why the settings cannot be change for example,the fan speed,o have tried also undervolting gpu,but the setting inside Asus Gpu tweak II utility,doesn T work either,i am asking why

  • v_volker

    30-31 MH/s (x2 cards) – +750 mem clock each, 69% draw. 64ºC and 59ºC – GTX 1070 SC 8GB

  • Daniel Santos

    My hashrate is a little unstable using those settings and i was Wondering if those power usage drops might be the cause? Im using two cooler master 750 bronze psu.

  • Bob

    I mean, it sounds like you have no idea what the memory clock frequency value is… Your numbers are nonsensical. This is a useless article,

  • Bruce Bridges

    Hey Nathan, great write up! I have (6) EVGA GTX 1070 F.E. up and mining in Windows 10 on Caymore. I am using Xoc Precision from EVGA to overclock the cards, but it only recognizes (4) of them. What a OC program that will recognize all six? Claymore shows the four getting up to 30 MH/s and the other two staying at 25.

    • Quozzo

      MSI Afterburner?

  • Shallow Graves

    Hello Nathan.. I have set up my PC with a couple Nvidia 1080 gtx.. Ready to go.. Can you please tell which software you used? I’m stuck right now.. Thank you

  • Gabriel Acebey

    Hey Nathan will this GPUs work with AsRock H81 BTC pro?


  • Matthew Bishop

    What programs and operating system are you guys using for GTX 1070. I used ethminer and geth on windows 10 and was only getting 4MH I read somewhere you have to use Linux for nvidia cards to hash well. Any links or advice would be appreciated.

    • Nathan Kirsch

      This article was written on Windows 10 v1703 and the hashrate was great on the miner we used. If you are using an older build of Windows 10 you should try updating it.

      • Matthew Bishop

        I updated to the creators edition windows 10, issue persisted using the recommended drivers from claymore but after installing a different version (not current but not as old) my hashrate corrected. Was Getting 18.5-19.5 stock clock EVGA SSC 1060 6gb. Overclock Ed memory +1000 and dialed back power to 65% and now getting 24mh per card. Thanks for your help.

  • Alex Louf

    I have a 1070 on a laptop (rog g752vs) +150 core and +700 memory i’m getting 30.1mh/s the only problem is the temp i am at ~80°C at full speed and i can’t reduce power target on the laptop.

    • Quozzo

      Is that a standard 1070 or a laptop version? You could try flashing the BIOS to a standard version and see if it enables the power target. It might also brick your 1070 though sooo….

      • Alex Louf

        It’s a laptop version, more core less frequency, but i achieve 31.9mhs at +200mhz of core and +900mhz of memory but it start to be unstable, my max stable value is 31.7mhs. I think for a laptop version it’s the best i can achieve…

        I have only one GPU on this laptop if i brick my 1070 i wouldn’t be able to recover it :'(

        • Quozzo

          Depends if the CPU has a built in GPU and there is a connector for it. If its too risky try another OC tool. The most populat two are MSI Afterburner and EVGA PrecisionX OC, in that order. Try them both if you can’t access the power settings.

          I believe there is a way to do it through the flash utility to alter the power settings, at least it works on a 1080Ti anyway.

        • Ben

          The power limit is fixed in vBIOS in notebook GPUs and cannot be changed without downloading, editing vBIOS and directly flashing via SPI programmer. Your Asus is also BGA soldered to the motherboard, flashing anything other than official Asus vBIOS will 99.999% brick it. I leave the remaining fraction for confirmation when someone tries doing so; nobody yet has been crazy enough.

  • fynx gloire

    do I need to create software wallet using MIST first before running the above steps? Or can I skip it all together?

    Also if I want a hardware wallet can I not create a software wallet?
    Basically can I skip the creation of a software wallet using MIST if I use a hardware wallet?

  • Marcelo Schild


    I have a huge problem with this. I’m trying to start mining ETH but the performance is just lame. I’m using an Asus Dual GTX1070-O8G and instead of runing at 25mh/s it runs at 2.5mh/s. That’s 10% of the expected performance.
    I’ve activated the overclocked mode but still no luck. Performance won’t improve.
    Mi processor is an i7-7700 and my motherboard is an ASUS PRIME H270-PRO.
    I’ve also tried with the recommended nvidia drivers (368.81) and with the latest nvidia drivers. Still the same. What can I do?

    • umut aydinli

      There is the same problem. Can you solve it

      • Nathan Kirsch

        What version of Windows are you two using?

        • umut aydinli

          Version 1511

        • Nathan Kirsch

          You might want to update if you can as v1703 has been stable and I’ve had no mining issues. Maybe others can chime in, but I’ve seen people online have a low performance like yours and solve it by updating.

        • umut aydinli

          I will update. Thank you. I will feedback

        • Vince

          im having the same issue. any luck?

        • Marcelo Schild

          I got it to work just by moving to Linux. I’m using Ubuntu.

        • Matthew Bishop

          Windows update should fix it, also try different drivers than recommended by claymore, that’s what ultimately fixed my low hash.

        • IHike

          Download the Cuda developer driver set for Nvidia cards. Not the standard drivers.

        • umut aydinli

          Just update the Windows and run pc! My cards have a 25-26 mhs

    • Shawn Williams

      I was having the same issue. The problem was that I was running an old version of windows 10 and getting the new creators upgrade that was released recently fixed it. Let me know if that helps.

      • Marcelo Schild

        Thanks for the reply. I’ve changed from windows to Linux and got it to 30.3Mh/s with a little overclock. I assume that what you say will most likely fix the problem but since it’s now working I’m too lazy to try. Despite that, I appreciate your help.

        • martinm

          which version of linux are you using, and what is your OC config? Im getting 28.5 Mh/s overclocked on W10

  • fynxgloire

    I am a newb at mining. I just ordered 8 1070’s from Asus ROG Strix with everything else, ( 2 power supplies, motheroard, cpu, memory, basically everything from here: )
    My next question is once I get everything and set it up, how do I mine? Should I join a pool or just do it myself? How do I mine myself without a pool? Also how should I setup an Account and Wallet? Is local better or the USB thingy hardware solution, or the cloud?

    Thanks in advance

    • Nick Yarosz
      • fynx gloire

        thanks I appreciate the link.
        I created an account using the following command: geth account new

        So I guess I dont need to create a wallet.
        Once I star mining may I ask how can I get the funds to me here in Japan? It seems like Coinbase does not support Japan.
        Can I get it to pay my paypal account?

        • Nick Yarosz

          Try asking for more help getting your wallet setup in that Reddit thread, it looks like You may be stuck. You need a wallet to send your mined coins to. You need an exchange (such as Coinbase/Kraken/Genesis) in order to convert the coins sitting in your wallet into a FIAT currency like USD or in your case, yen so that your real life wallet can be filled with money. Though, some people do not convert to FIAT, rather they see the mining as a cheaper way to invest long term because of their confidence in that coin being a good store of value.

    • MiningAintEasy

      Wow, I feel sorry for you. This ship has sailed long ago… talk about being a bagholder. You just spent $4,000 and it’s going to net you about $13 per day right now. Look at the bright side.. It’s possible that in just 1 year you will have made your money back, lol.

      Not trying to troll just trying to warn people that all these “get rich quick” mining articles need to be seriously questioned. This article was written at the absolute peak of crypto prices… The author should have presented some statistics showing the returns based on AVERAGE prices over the past 12 months, not peak prices.

  • b0bba

    Hi… Can a cheap CPU (like celeron) decrease the performance?

    • Nathan Kirsch

      The CPU load is minimal on the system, so if you are well under 50% load why do you need a more power hungry processor? 99% of the work is being done on the GPU and not the CPU.

  • michale pitt

    hello which psu is compatible with 8 nvidia gtx 1070 FE gpus?

    • Nathan Kirsch

      You need to purchase SATA to PCIe power adapters like this –

      • perry

        Also buy a fire extinguisher.

  • Gonato D. Mikha’il

    This mining thing is sort of an uncharted place for me. I have a few questions in mind, I could use a little help. I have a 6600k/Z170/Gtx 1070. How do I start? I googled it and it says download this and that. I did and my AV removed it by itself. Is this safe? I’ll need your vouching

    • Nathan Kirsch

      I’m not sure what link you are using or what miner you are using, but yes Claymore has been safe for me.

  • dudeweedlmao

    Question, i can get my hands on either an EVGA 1070 FE or a Palit 1070 Jetstream for the exact same price, any idea which is the better buy?

    • Nathan Kirsch

      Never had that Palit model, but the FE has been great for me.

  • Antonio Montana

    Do you have any information on a failure rate of 1070, or GPUs in general when used for mining?

    • Nathan Kirsch

      I do not and failure rates are information that the companies don’t share!

  • Eclectic Travels

    Hi, great posts on the 1070 and 1060. Just one question would your recommend the 1070 FE or would the FTW ACX3.0 work fine as well? Im not really sure what the difference is between them :/

    • Nathan Kirsch

      They both have the same clock speeds, GPU and amount of memory. The difference is that the 1070 FE is basically the NVIDIA reference design with a blower style GPU cooler and is rated at 150 Watts with a single 8-pin connector. The 1070 FTW edition has a custom designed PCB and GPU cooler. It’s rated for higher power use (up to 215W instead of 150W) and uses two 8-pin PCIe connectors. Since we are mining we are going to lower the power target and likely overclock just the memory, so I don’t think one is better than the other for the MH/s performance. If you are putting the cards right next to each other in a motherboard the blower style fans might be better. If you are using riser cards and can gap the cards apart it really doesn’t matter either way.

      • ok

        Hi, nathan I using asus turbo 1070 and msi aero 1070 and I oced them to -30% power limit and -200 clock and memory clock to +600 but I only get 27Mh/s stock is 25. How do you get 31 Mh/s ? mind sharing your driver and cuda and other specs ? thank you

        • This Me

          I have 5x EVGA 1070 SC and get a constant 26Mh/s. I too would like to know how to ramp up to 31Mh/s as I cannot reach this rate with OC.

        • Nathan Kirsch

          Start out with the cards at 100% power target and overclock the memory as high as you can get it with full stability. You should see it go way over 27 MH/s unless you got a bad overclocking card with non-Samsung GDDR5 memory. You can open GPU-Z and see what memory brand you have. Once you max out the memory I usually dial it back 50 MHz and then I start lowering the power target. Every card is different on how far you can lower the power target and I usually lower it until I have stability issues or the hashrate starts to decrease. As for drivers… I am running GeForce 382.33 WHQL drivers. I’m also running Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v9.5 as the miner does play a big role in performance. I’m not running no-fee mode and nothing else is tweaked. Stock vBIOS and all that.

        • This Me

          Thanks for the help! I’m running at +530 and 29.5MH/s. The Nvidia driver completely crashed at +625 (30MH/s) while mining with Claymore v9.5 and I got an error ‘on cuda device found’ when re launching Claymore. A reboot fixed it though :-).

          GPU-Z listed Samsung as the first memory and the other 3 started with an M.

          Would you say ZEC/ZEN is more profitable on Nvidia? I’ve done the math and seen the charts but ETH does well for me with these.

          Can I donate to you or is your advert revenue enough for you helping me?

        • Nathan Kirsch

          I’ve had the pleasure of running LR for 15 years and PC hardware is my passion. No tips needed, but folks can white list the ads if they wanted to support the site as that is what has made this site last so long.

  • David Du

    Hi, should I get started in linux or windows 10. I heard some people says linux is 5-10% percent faster due to their driver’s advantages.

    • Nathan Kirsch

      If you are comfortable with Linux that is the way to go!

      • SomeDooD

        Which linux distro is the one to go for if you’re only mining on AMD cards? (280X,290,290X,390X,470,480)

        Have been doing only Windows 10 for a month now but have been wanting to switch if it means better performance and stability.

        • Nathan Kirsch

          I’ve not mined on Linux, so I wouldn’t be the one to tell you what distro to get to be fair. EthOS looks like it’s too basic for what we are doing when it comes to overclocking and undervolting.

      • David Du

        thanks, I have transfer to SMOS, now get 9 card in a single rig

  • ThetaProtocol

    I have a Zotac 1070 AMP! and I’m using Claymore’s Eth miner as well. However whether due to the silicon lottery or otherwise I’m getting 32.5MH/s. at 60% draw My core clock is 1911(+134) and mem clock is at 4708(+909) temps are around 67C with case closes and 63 with it open.

    • dudeweedlmao

      Very interesting, whats the rest of your system like?

      • ThetaProtocol

        just a 4th gen i5 and 16gb drr3 at 1867mh. nothing impressive

        • dudeweedlmao

          i was thinking of setting up a 6 x 1070 rig but i cant decide between the brands, all of them are relatively priced the same but i cant find the hashrate of of anything other then the founders edition and i dont like the fan those comes with, they tend to be noisy..

        • Rayner Rodrigues

          you should go with the strix right now im running it 4600mhz mem and 70% power its at 40% fan noise very quiet and the fns are more durable on the strix then say gigabyte

        • dudeweedlmao

          the strix is the most expensive out of all my options, These are my options:

          Ranging from $580 to $632 for the strix, expensive as hell i know but thats the cheapest i can find around these parts..

        • Rayner Rodrigues

          I have heard a few stories of how weak the gigabyte fan is so I personally would steer clear of that the Asus dual and msi are the next good ones

        • Nathan Kirsch

          Also keep in mind if you use a x1 riser you will greatly reduce any heat issue. Running 4 cards in one board will get the pretty hot, but putting them up with riser cables on a platform will drop the temps nicely.

        • dudeweedlmao

          Well, ended up buying 7 gigabyte founders edition, using nvOC as my OS i’m can overclock the memory by 1900 and the core by 200 on all 7, getting 31.7Mh/s & 400Mh/s dual mining ETH and SIA @ 930w at the wall, all in all i’m happy with the FE.

        • Meshael Rahman

          I’m using nvOC as well, would you be able to share your one hash settings? I am kinda at loss for words when it comes to OC’ing with nvOC, Thanks!

        • Samir Matloob

          hey how much hash rate are you able to achieve ?

        • Rayner Rodrigues

          Get 31.5-31.8 when over clocked but I’m dual mining sia so 29.8 and 640 for sia

        • ThetaProtocol

          They are a bit noisy but they are still gpus m8 they will always be a bit noisy

    • Davis Ramsey

      how are you not artifacting? when I memory clock my 1070’s over +600 it artifacts immediately

      • Bettyjsieg

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      • ThetaProtocol

        Well I am mining I am not actually using the card as the display adapter. Maybe Ill bench it later to see if there is any artifacts put that will have to wait.

      • davidletterboyz

        Very likely he got the Samsung memory chip.

    • davidletterboyz

      This is my observation so far on ETH mining. Not sure if it’s correct. I’m using DaggerHashimoto via nicehash miner. I noticed the algorithm’s hashing rate is memory bandwidth dependent. The core clock does not affect the hashing speed at all. Even if I downclocked it, I still get the same hashrate.

      In your case, there is no point to overclock the core speed by +134 and dropping the power target at the same time. In Pascal when we drop the power target, the clock speed will follow suit.

      • ThetaProtocol

        Noticed this too clock provides little improvement will downclock later

        • Alenn G’Kar

          What about power on downclock?

      • Jason Jackson

        rip nicehash. so sad

    • Maguary

      @TheThetaProtocol:disqus what memory brand GPU-Z report?

      • ThetaProtocol


    • bleunetizen

      I just bought one for mining too before committing for more 1070’s. Mine is also micron and memory is running at 4704, core clock is 1455 with power limit set at 75% and my hash is 32.1MH/s. temp is 73deg. Looking good to me, I think I will build my first rig with 4 x 1070 and see how it goes.

      • ThetaProtocol

        Thats a bit hot there im getting 60-66

        • bleunetizen

          temp comes down a lot if i increase the fan speed, but my hash drops to 24MH/s if I reduce power to 60%. I am down to 72% and 32.2Mh/s..

        • Nathan Kirsch

          Sounds like you got it dialed in pretty good and I’m seeing more and more people getting impressive results with Micron branded GDDR5 memory! Looks like the Samsung versus Micron concerns are false.

        • bleunetizen

          just went out and bought two more from a different store, it came with samsung this time, will evaluate and see if its any better. so far the mh/s wise it is the same at the same stock clock speed

        • edi

          what is the results now?

        • bleunetizen

          the samsung is looking pretty good so far, im testing 4750 memory at the moment, no artifacts, no dropouts nothing and been mining for about 3 hours so far. its giving similar 32mh/s but this time i got two displays running off to test it out. i will try without the displays later and see what i can get, but clock to clock performance seems exactly the same as micron, its just a matter of overclocking limit. I will have to retest micron with display too. bit of testing to do over the next day or two 🙂

        • Nathan Kirsch

          Awesome and thanks for sharing again!

        • bleunetizen

          Done more testing, and the Samsung is superior to Micron but not by much. I just bought another EVGA Hybrid (watercooled) 1070 which came with Micron. Despite the far superior cooling capacity of the hybrid card, the Samsung runs 100mhz higher base memory clock, making it 400mhz higher effective clock. Been testing for two days now, Samsung at 9400mhz is flawless, no artifacts or crash at all, with running two displays off of it. For the same config, Micron can only run 9000mhz with watercooling, will test with the other micron with basic fan and see how it compares. I do not think it will make much difference for memory overclocking though. But hey, it is still pretty good considering the stock clock is only 8000mhz. milking out 5mh more with using less electricity is great 🙂

    • Fkr

      Hi i want to know is the zotac 1070 amp edt. Or amp extreme which one?

      • ThetaProtocol

        I have the regular amp! Two fan cooler

    • G Men

      It is partly due to silicon lottery and partly due to the voltage curve. I’ve found out that OC’ed editions have an insanely high voltage curve that still allows for 1.9ghz clocks at ~50% power limit because the card was overvolted from factory to reach ~2ghz boostclock out of the box.

    • Geoff

      Interesting, I have the same card but was only at about 28 MH/s.

      • Mat Burchett

        Is that overclocked

    • udit sharma

      i want to mine etherium what hardwares are required for that with good hashrete and in low price…

      • derpentine


  • Candido Dessanti

    For the laptop you can adjust the voltage curve to lower power consumption while retaining the same clock speed

    • Nathan Kirsch

      What application can you use to do that? I’ll give it a shot.

      • Candido Dessanti

        afterburner 4.0; to edit type control+f; anyway I cannot find any extremly stable value on my laptop

  • Pegasusx

    Hello Nathan,

    Does your model of 1070 has the Samsung memory chips?

    Looking forward to buy two 1070 for mining at home PC. Could you advise, which of the following cards is better?
    1) Palit GeForce GTX1070 8GB Super JetStream
    2) Palit GeForce GTX1070 8GB GameRock Premium Edition
    3) MSI GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G OC
    or a little bit higher price Founders Edition,
    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition ZT-P10700A-10P

    Best Regards

    • davidletterboyz

      I have a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition ZT-P10700A-10P and unfortunately it has the Micron memory chips. Had to flash the BIOS to get a modest mining-stable OC (8.6GHz). Even then, it’s no where near the 9.3GHz OC the author’s card reached.

      • Nathan Kirsch

        I wish I had a Micron card here to try out. The three GTX 1070’s that I have all are Samsung.

        • Brian Sorrajja

          I have a micron I would trade it if you have an Asus 1070 that can oc the core similarly

    • Nathan Kirsch

      Yes, my model does have the Samsung memory chips! Old GPU-Z screenshot of it.

  • Ark0

    Does the OS impacts on the HASHRATE? There is a ehOS, is it worth it? I could not afford the 1070, i bought the 1060, it ill take like 15 days to arrive omg…
    Im nervous about the PoS, i have no idea how that works or will work

    • Nathan Kirsch

      That it does to some degree as does the driver on some OS versions. EthOS isn’t really overclocking and undervolting friendly from what I’ve read. Take a look at the EthOS overclocking instructions –

      It looks good for plug-in-play mining where you put in your wallet ID and go. A little too basic for us? As for the 1060… I think you’ll be good. Take a look at the article I posted today on the 1060 –

      I’ve been getting 22 MH/s all day with no fans and the GPU is running under 58C. I used a temp gun and the back of the PCB directly behind the GDDR5 chips is about 66C, so I’m really happy with noiseless mining. I do have a 140mm case fan blowing across the card, but it’s just a normal Noctua case fan and running at auto speeds off a motherboard header. Hopefully we all have many months of mining left and then when PoS happens we can just switch to another alt coin.

  • Jere Murdoch

    I purchased ten 1070’s three days ago from newegg because I couldn’t find any AMD cards. This article is right on, the AMD cards are very hard to find. The 1070 is the best card that is actually available at the moment, although I bet these will also soon be gone. I’m very close to pulling trigger on a much larger investment into this, I’m just worried that I’ll only get until November to mine Ethereum. Anyone have any thoughts on how much time we will have to still mine it?

    • Nathan Kirsch

      Thanks for the kind words and we all want to know the answer to your question. If we knew that answer we could really go crazy and build up a mining army. We are all afraid of the change to PoS. Back in March 2016 they thought they DAG size was going to render GPU mining impossible in the months ahead. That proved to be false as here we are over a year later and the DAG file size hasn’t increased to a size that won’t work on GPUs. If Ethereum comes to an end for GPU mining you could always switch to Zcash, Ethereum Classic or another alt coin. Get ready for a flood of GPUs on eBay when Ethereum close if you plan on selling your hardware if you were planning on bailing and not doing another alt coin.

      • MD

        I’m really, really new to this and looking to invest.
        I’ve been reading the commends and documents on this site (thanks!) and am very worried that I might be TOO LATE to invest in mining.
        Can you please advise me?
        For example, if Ethereum becomes difficult to mine on GPUs later this year, my investment would be for nothing, correct?
        However, if it is possible to switch to another digital currency, WHY would you expect to see all the GPUs flood the market (ebay)? Why would you not expect every miner out there to switch the zcash etc?
        Is there a better currency to look at starting with when building a new rig in 2017? Is different hardware better for zcash vs eth?


        • Nathan Kirsch

          Matt, You have all valid questions and concerns. There are certainly some risks, but most all investments have some inherent risk. If you build a mining rig and this all crumbles down the road you should be able to sell your system and get some of the money back out of it. Even if ETH mining becomes a thing of the past in 2018 the coins you mined might make it worthwhile. Say you have two systems pumping out 275 MH/s (combined) and making 4 coins a month (based on ~4.5 a month now). You can end up with 24 coins this year. At the current rate that is $8,640 (without factoring in costs like hardware, electric and taxes). What many are hoping for is to see ETH replace BTC… If those 24 ETH coins were to rise up to $2520 like BTC they would be worth $60,480. So, where is the alt coin market headed? If ETH takes off like BTC does the handful of coins you can make now might still make it very worthwhile. Some folks are very bullish about these currencies –

          Back in 2014/2015 when you could mine BTC on GPUs there were a number of cards that hit eBay and the prices weren’t that good as gamers didn’t know if they were safe to buy as many were used for bitcoin mining. It wasn’t too hard to see as someone would sell dozens of Radeon R9 200 cards or something.

          As for zcash, I’m actually going to start mining that now just to try it out.

          I can’t tell you want to do, but if the risks keep you up at night then I wouldn’t do it. Stress kills and your personal and mental health is priceless.

        • MD

          Excellent reply, thanks so much.

          One more thing I’d like to know… as these currencies grow and the mining becomes more difficult, people will stop mining and start selling their hardware. Then there is a “hole” in the “engine” of the currency. Who will continue to process the blockchain and find more coins?

          What I’m trying to say is – do these cryptocurrencies not all have an ultimate death when mining becomes too difficult and people leave the currency to die?

        • Nathan Kirsch

          Do some google searches on Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake as that is what Ethereum is going to switch over to. It’s rather complicated to explain. This post can get you going –

        • MD

          I’m sorry for my delay replying. Thank you again for some great information.
          So, if I understand correctly, under the PoS system blocks/work will be assigned to people based on the number of coins they already hold, correct?
          So the only way to make more money, is to have a lot of money invested in the first place (hold more coins).
          Would there be any necessary computing requirements then to be a ‘forger’ under the new system? Would a high power GPU be useless?

          Thanks again!

  • Enio

    hi, the 7.28 usd daily profit exposed there is for the whole 6 GPU rig or just for one GPU?

    • j0e1in

      $218 per month per GPU, so a 6-GTX-1070 rig earns you $1308 per month.

    • Faw HQ

      You will get estimate 26$ for 6 GPU ruining.

    • Nathan Kirsch

      Yes, that is per day when Ether was $383 yesterday. The price of Ether today dropped down to $280, so you are looking at around $5.11 per day at the current rate. Keep in mind that you cost per KW/h may be different than our local cost in Missouri and you need to factor in the overall system power consumption as well. Our system was running at 136W with everything running and that is $5.04.. Adding additional 1070’s to the system should net you $5.11 per day. So, 3 cards would make you $15.26 per day (93.6 MH/s at 356W and Ether at $280.36 with power at $0.1265 KW/h).

  • Roy Wright

    But miners get 32 Mh/s on 480s that are way way cheaper than the 1070, so I don’t see what’s do great about the 1070? R.oi is bad.

    • tomaszdoman

      If you are looking to get started Ethereum mining chances are you’ll quickly discover the prized AMD Radeon RX 480 and Radeon RX 580 video cards are sold out most everywhere

    • Faidzal Haman

      If u cant get 1st tier..there are no choice others than get 2nd tier card.that mean nvidia lol

    • Maho

      Sure but you can’t get those cards, they are sold out.

    • Nathan Kirsch

      Like the others said you can’t find the 480/580 cards right now, so this was written to show the next best alternative.

  • Nathan Lynch

    Unfortunately I have the same very low hashrate on a new 1070, tried different drivers 347.52, 368.81, 382.53 even tried Genoil but still no dice… 2.5mh

    • Nathan Kirsch

      Not sure what the issue is, but I’d try wiping the drive and installing the latest Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft and see how it does.

    • AlexG

      Go Linux or Windows 7, That’s what I did for my old gtx 780 , it’s not worth it to waste time with windows 10 nvidia drivers.

      • y0y0m4

        how much do you get with your 780

        • AlexG

          Around 17 MH. It’s not as power efficient as the 1070, but since I already have it I still use it until I get a replacement.

    • davidletterboyz

      You need to update your Windows 10 to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. No driver can fix that.

  • J14

    I own a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 on an w10 OS but i can’t find a way to start mining ETH. I looked into every tutorial I found on youtube. The issue I encounter is that every “mining program” stops working. From what i heard, the reason for this might be the graphic card driver and i can’t find the right one. Do you mind pointing me into the right direction? Has anyone encountered this issue too? Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Nathan Kirsch

      Assuming you are wanting to pool mine… First you need to make a wallet. Something like MyEtherWallet works ( from there you need a mining utility and for that I use Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v9.5 for Windows ( You then need to join a pool like Ethermine ( Make a .bat file from the code on the Ethermine page in the Claymore miner and you are off and running. Should take about 10-15 minutes to get going with a setup like that. What driver to run is up for argument, but I’m using the latest GeForce 382.53 WHQL drivers ( without issue on my GeForce GTX 1070 without issues and getting 31 MH/s as I showed in the article. Hope this helps and I am running Windows 10 v1703 on all my mining rigs.

      • Sergio Fernández

        Hi Nathan,
        Thanks a lot for this great article.
        I’ve this same kind of card (GigaByte GTX 1070 Windforce OC) and using same driver in Windows 10. But only 25MH/s.

        Are you using environment variables in Clymore’s start.bat?
        Is necessary to perform extra configuration for Claymore dual mining?

        Thank you so much 😉

        • Nathan Kirsch

          I’m using the stock configuration as shown below:

          setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
          setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100
          setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1
          setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100
          setx GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100
          EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal . -epsw x

          Let me know if those environment variables work!

      • lost

        Hi, used the custom bat from I started the bat but it’s stuck at setting DAG epoch #129 for GPU0 done what should I do ? thank you in advance

        • Nathan Kirsch

          Which version of claymore are you using? Looks like you might be undervolted or overclocked to much. Try running stock settings on your graphics card and see what happens.

    • George

      Have you tried their miner app allow you to mine several coins at the same time incl ETH on your home PC. No rig needed.