G.SKILL RIPJAWS SV710 Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset Review


SV710 Headset Software

The latest version of the RIPJAWS SV710 software can be downloaded from the G.SKILL product website. This program will update the headset’s firmware and provide the advanced settings control panel.

G.SKILL SV710 SoftwareAll the settings are contained on one menu. The left half toggles the stereo and virtual surround sound modes with environmental noise cancellation for the microphone on the bottom. The right half has controls for headphone volume, microphone volume, microphone playback volume, and left-right balance as well as the graphic equalizer.G.SKILL SV710 Software

Switching on the Dolby setting adds a sound filter that simulates audio in a room. There are two sound presets which are music mode and movie mode, and three simulated environment sizes which are studio, cinema, and hall.G.SKILL SV710 Software

The Virtual 7.1 setting triggers downmixing of all surround channels for the SV710’s stereo drivers. The user has the ability to tweak the position of all eight speaker inputs by dragging and dropping the speakers in the graphic. As a speaker is moved around, its corresponding volume to the right may increase or decrease to help guide the loudness.G.SKILL SV710 Software

There are some minor submenus that can be accessed from the top right. Information gives us the a bunch of version numbers.G.SKILL SV710 Software

Application settings provides settings for showing the tray icon, interface transparency, and the language.