Func MS-3 R.2 Gaming Mouse and Surface 1030 r2 Mouse Pad Review


Final Thoughts and Conclusion

10302 L Mouse Pad

Mouse pads are simple in their function and design and the 10302 doesnt stray far from that principle to become something it shouldnt. What Func has done with the traditional hard mouse pad is give options on hand. You can choose between two surface grains for different levels of friction and theres a mouse cord clip thats optional in its own right. It would be really interesting if was a development to choose the thickness of a mousepad without charging a price that insults the simplicity of the mouse pad.Func Surface 1030-2 LIf you are the type of person who digs hard mouse pads, then the 10302 is definitely something to consider. However, despite Func laying claim to bringing the first dual-sided gaming mouse pad to the market which they probably did, competitors have done a very good job with their own creative stab at the idea. The Razer Vespula includes a gel wrist rest and the Corsair MM600 is a single piece with an aluminum core. In addition with the 10302 costing $34.99 with $5.67 shipping on Newegg, Funcs dual-sided mouse pad is priced closely to Razers and Corsairs own dual-sided mouse pads.Func MS-3 and Surface 1030-2 LMS-3 Gaming Mouse

The MS-3 is a big gaming mouse and thats the most important consideration before going out to buy this mouse. The valuation of the other features of course can be judged as you see fit, but we had a good experience with the MS-3. It has a very well thought out ergonomic design that allows for comfortable usage for long periods. The high-end features such as the lighting and sensitive laser sensor lend to some fun. The mouse software gives a wide range of customization over several settings and was intuitive to use.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe few things we can fault the MS-3 for are minor, but they must be acknowledged because no mouse is ever perfect. The matte black finish is easily scratched though it is a problem common to any mouse that has this finish. The mouse software doesnt allow for precise tuning of the LED colors with the sliders. The software macro editor can use more functionality to make recording macros more forgiving. The Func MS-3 falls closer to the more expensive side of laser gaming mice, costing $59.99 with $1.99 shipping on Newegg, but with a shape unlike any other, this mouse is worth of consideration and our recommendation.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: Big, heavy, and possibly overthought out, the Func MS-3 gaming mouse is ready to rumble through your games.