Func MS-3 R.2 Gaming Mouse and Surface 1030 r2 Mouse Pad Review


Func Surface 1030-2 L Gaming Mouse Pad

Func Surface 1030-2 LWere also taking a special look at the Func 10302 dual-sided mouse pad from Func. Weve got the L size on hand and an XL size is available for the same price.Func Surface 1030-2 LFunc 10302 L Gaming Mouse Pad Features:

  • The original dual sided mouse surface concept: Giving you the choice between two sides, both offer a unique experience of traction, consistency and precision.
  • Large rubber feet: Thermoplastic Elastomer treated backing for a firm grip against the desktop.
  • Integrated cord clip: By fastening your cable in the front of the mouse pad you will no longer suffer from cable management issues during intense game play.
  • Large tracking area
  • Easy to keep clean: Easy to clean; housing and mouse pad are washable.

Func 10302 L Gaming Mouse Pad Specifications:

  • Surface material: Polycarbonate
  • Surface type: F30.r / F10.s
  • Thickness: 4 mm / 0.16 in
  • Size: 33×26 cm / 13×10 in
  • Weight: 422 gr / 0.93 lbs

Func Surface 1030-2 LThe Func 10302 consists of two pieces made from plastic materials.Func Surface 1030-2 LThe difference between the two mouse pad surfaces are the plastic grains. One surface is finer, but not completely smooth and flat, and the other is coarser. The best pictures can do here is show that the surfaces scatter light differently.Func Surface 1030-2 L Func Surface 1030-2 LWe have the L size on hand which measures 33×26 cm / 13×10 in. A larger XL size is available with dimensions of 36×28 cm / 14×11 in.Func Surface 1030-2 LThe height of mousepad is 4 mm / 0.16 in which technically is lower than three US quarters stacked on top of each other.Func Surface 1030-2 LFunc has included a cord clip with this mousepad. It manages mouse cable length and can cbe lipped onto the mouse pad at two places along the top or even removed entirely.Func Surface 1030-2 LThe 10302 maintains a strong grip on surfaces thanks to the feet placed on the underside of the base. The holes stamped near the corners are to help lift or move the base since the grip does a good job of preventing even intentional sliding.Func Surface 1030-2 L Func Surface 1030-2 L