Electricbaby Laptop Sleeve Review

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Quality and Conclusions

I found the quality of the sleeve and cord bag to be excellent with no visual defects that I could locate. I would not anticipate any issues with durability although some of the light color models may tend to get dirty. The fabric in the model I received seems to be somewhat stain resistant – although I didn’t get out the jar of tomato sauce to test this observation. Since zippers are the only moving parts, there’s not much chance for a malfunction.



The sleeves offered by Electricbaby are a great way to protect your investment. While scratches can be a distant memory, don’t try dropping your laptop down the stairs. This product is simply not designed to handle that kind of abuse. The matching cord cases are also a nice companion to the sleeves for all of your cord and peripheral carrying needs. Most importantly, they appear to have very responsive customer service should you have any questions or issues and the site is easily located at electricbaby.com.


Legit Bottom Line: There are a lot of different options for laptop protection but most have the same old bland design. Electricbaby offers a light, compact and stylish line of sleeves and cases for a reasonable price. Although a handle or strap would be nice, it’s not a necessity. Look no further than Electricbaby to transport your laptop in style.

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