Electricbaby Laptop Sleeve Review

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It’s Electric!

Well, not literally. Electricbaby is the producer of a stylish line of laptop sleeves and cord bags and is an offspring of Franklin Joyce, a multi-media projection artist based in Seattle. This is evident in their products which all have hip and unique designs. Everyone who cares about the appearance and longevity of their laptop PC’s should use some sort of protection when transporting it. Shoving it in your bag unprotected with your charger, books and other devices is not going to cut it.




All of the sleeves protect against scratches and minor impacts but they aren’t designed for rough treatment such as smacking your buddy on the head with your PC after he frags you. They are lightweight and come in a variety of sizes to fit most laptop configurations and I’m told that versions are upcoming to better fit the 13” MacBooks. My 15.4” MacBook Pro fits very nicely in the 15.4” sized sleeve (go figure!).

The cord bags are mini versions of the sleeves and you can mix and match the designs to suit your taste. Although called “cord bags”, they work nicely as accessory/peripheral bags. This helps keep my backpack nicely organized so I don’t have to dig through a tangled mess when searching for other items.

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