Electricbaby Laptop Sleeve Review

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The Designs

There are three varieties of sleeve designs, sweater sleeves, zipper sleeves and folder sleeves. This review is specifically covering the zipper sleeve but you can view the other models on Electricbaby’s website. Each model has multiple designs to choose from but the zipper sleeves currently have the most choices. I chose the Bass design in silver, but it also comes in dark red and sky blue. The zipper sleeves retail from between $42.50 and 47.50 depending on design. The sweater sleeves are $28.00 and the folder sleeves are $37.50 so there is a fairly wide range of prices to fit your budget.

On the inside there is more artwork that varies on each model. Also inside, there is a pocket for documents and a clear plastic sleeve for business cards/identification tag which is a nice touch. The only disappointment I found with the design was the lack of a handle or strap that could be used to carry the case independently.




As mentioned, the cord bags mirror the designs of the sleeves, however; some are styled in a portrait orientation while others are in a landscape orientation. Like the sleeves, these do not have any sort or strap or handle.

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