Dirt Rally Performance Review – GeForce GTX 970 Versus Radeon R9 390

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Codemasters: Dirt Rally Performance Benchmark

A large portion of Dirt Rally is random, missed turns, other obstacles, speed variance, etc.  Codemasters has built-in a benchmark tool that runs through a course over 3 minutes.  This allows for an identical run each time, while analyzing the performance of those runs.

Frames Per Second



At standard 1080p resolution, the average score between the two different GPU’s was around 7FPS, which comes to just over 9% difference in performance, in the favor of the AMD based Sapphire Nitro 390.

2560 x 1440


Stepping the resolution up to 2560 x 1440, we see a little more difference between the average scores, coming close to 9FPS, or 18% difference!

3840 x 2160 (4K)


Our final resolution is at 3840 x 2160, also known as 4K.  Here we have close to 8FPS difference, which is just over 30% difference in performance!

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Strictly speaking Frames Per Second, there’s no doubt that Codemasters has optimized Dirt Rally for the AMD Radeon GPU.  When looking at the two cards tested for Dirt Rally, at the higher resolution, there is a huge difference in performance between the two different graphic chipsets.

If you are looking forward to Codemaster’s Dirt Rally, graphically you will be impressed.  It looks and runs great at the most common resolutions, and for those of you running 4K resolution, it’ll depend on your individual configuration, and in game graphic options.  The Radeon R9 390 had no problems allowing Dirt Rally to run at over 30FPS at 4K, while the NVIDIA based GTX 970 performed under 30FPS.

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