Dirt Rally Performance Review – GeForce GTX 970 Versus Radeon R9 390

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Codemasters Dirt Rally Gaming Performance Benchmarked

Codemasters Dirt Rally Colin McRae Rally and Dirt has been a popular racing franchise for Codemasters since 1998.  Since it first came out, there have been over 10 different versions of the racing game for Windows.  It has been close to 3 years since we got our first glimpse of Dirt Rally, development is taking time, but that is what is needed to make a polished game rather than rushing it out the door.  In order to get feedback from it’s core audience, Codemasters has made Dirt Rally available on Steam as an “Early Access Game”. Dirt-Rally-Screenshot Based on the EGO gaming engine that was developed by Codemasters and Sony, it allows for highly detailed damage and real world physics in large scale environments.   Dirt Rally features events both on and off road with varying weather conditions.  Currently, featuring 17 cars from the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 2010’s, Group B and Group A.  Codemasters intends to introduce new cars, more locations and racing modes throughout the Early Access stage, with a planned release date for late 2015.

During the testing phase, we wanted to make sure we put the test cards under the highest load possible.  So we will be utilizing the Ultra graphics setting, while testing different resolutions.  In addition, we changed the Multisampling to 8x MSAA.


We will start the testing right after taking a quick look at the test system.

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