DFI LANPARTY UT ICFX3200-T2R/G Motherboard

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DFI has certainly changed the perception of itself over the last few years.  They went from pretty much an OEM company to one that also produced a great line of enthusiast boards in the LanParty, and then the Infinity series of boards.  We have been anxious to get our hands on another DFI gem, and today we get the opportunity to take a gander at the LanParty UT ICFX3200-T2R/G (note to the readers, that is the last time I will use the full name in this review!).  Does DFI continue its tradition of being an excellent choice for enthusiasts?  Let’s find out!

The ICFX board is based on the latest and greatest from ATi in the form of the RD600 Northbridge and the SB600 Southbridge. 
The box that it comes in is the typical look that we get with the LanParty UT series, and really gives you a feel that this board is aimed at gamers and kids, but i guess most of us enthusiasts are just kids at heart anyways!  Let’s take a peek at the rest of the specs…


 With that out of the way, let’s move on to the layout of the board.

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