Crucial P2 250GB and 500GB SSD Review


AJA System Test

AJA System Test:

AJA System Test by AJA Video Systems measures system disk performance using video test files of different resolutions, sizes and codecs. We selected the standard 4K UltraHD resolution, a test file size of 1GB and the ProRes 4444 codec to see how this drive does with regard to video rendering performance. ProRes 4444 is used for heavy effects work and deep color projects. We changed the default test file size from 1GB to 16GB to better represent real-world usage. The results from this benchmark help content creators with regards to rendering expectations, throughput, file read/write expectations for transfers and that kind of thing.

Crucial P2 250GB:

Crucial P2 500GB:

Benchmark Results: The AJA System Test results on the Crucial P2 250GB drive was shown to average 1,628 MB/s read and 1,936 MB/s write. The larger 500GB drive scored 1,949 MB/s read and 2,343 MB/s write.