Corsair VOID Surround Gaming Headset Review


Looking Around the Corsair VOID Surround

The VOID Surround uses the same circumaural headset design of the other VOID headsets. The main difference is the color theme which is matte red, matte black, and glossy black.Corsair VOID Surround

The adjustable headband is made from lightweight aluminum which provides reasonable clamping force.Corsair VOID Surround

The shaped earcups are optimized to reduce material weight while allowing enough inner earspace.Corsair VOID Surround

The left earcup has a button that toggles a switch for muting the microphone and a volume wheel for the headphones on the bottom.Corsair VOID Surround

There’s generous padding on the headset earcups and headband and the breathable cloth make the headset comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. The pads are easy to slide off the headset should you decide to do that which reveals the vents for each 50mm driver.Corsair VOID Surround

The USB dongle is about as small as a USB flash storage drive and has a single 3.5mm connector. This device is functionally a sound card with a Dolby Surround feature that when toggled on from the CUE software, turns on the small white LED on the dongle. The next page will go over the CUE software.Corsair VOID Surround