Corsair Hydro Series H75 Sealed Water Cooler Review


Corsair Hydro Series H75 Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Haswell temperatures may be sky high with the stock HSF, but boy are they easy to tame with these all-in-one water cooling kits on the market. With kits like the Corsair H100i and NZXT Kraken series being some of the best AIOs on the market, this lowly little 120mm Corsair Hydro Series H75 kit performed exceptionally well, in my opinion.

Corsair H75 Liquid CPU Cooler

Working with the H75 was mostly a pleasure. Mounting the fans and the radiator to my case were easy and the hardware worked properly. The tool-free system is always a nice add-on, but unfortunately it was far from perfect with this kit. The rear bracket was a very neat and simple design, but the plastic was too soft and the metal pin would just spin around while tightening down the thumb screws. Fortunately this did NOT affect temperatures of the kit as the block was down tight to the CPU.

Corsair H75 Rear Bracket Flaw

There is no additional software for this kit, so its basically plug and play. If you want to adjust the fan settings in the BIOS, you may be able to get a little bit more out of the kit at the cost of more noise by fans capable of 2000RPMs @ 31.4dBA.

Corsairs H75 CPU water cooling kit will set you back $84.99 shipped on Amazon and it comes with a generous 5 year warranty. This kit also has a ton of flexibility between several different Intel and AMD socket CPUs.

Corsair H75 Block Installed

Overall this cooler met my expectations. Is the bracket problem a huge flaw? I think its a rather annoying flaw, but the cooler was tightened down all the way despite the problem. Again, I feel this cooler performed quite well and the inclusion of two fans for a push-pull config is a nice plus, as most coolers dont do that.

Legit Bottom Line: Corsairs H75 Liquid CPU Cooler is a fairly basic liquid CPU cooler, featuring a thin radiator and dual 120mm fans that performs very well and feels priced just right.