Corsair Graphite 780T Full Tower Case Review

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Graphite 780T Packaging

As is very common, the Corsair Graphite 780T has been packaged in plain cardboard, which is more than sufficient for purchases made online or in specialty stores where users already have an idea of what they are looking for.  Corsair does a good job at providing enough information on the case listing out the features and specifications in multiple languages.  In addition, the front of the case provides a nice view of the case.  Taking a close look at the packaging, we see there is a good amount of shipping damage to the box.  The top left corner has been severely crushed, like it was dropped on the corner, while the right corner is only slightly damaged.


The back of the box, Corsair goes a little further by providing an exploded view of the case along with identifying each of the major parts.  The bottom half of the back presents the same information from the front in four additional languages (total of 6 languages).  Taking a look in the top left corner (top right corner on the front), we can see the crushing damage that the case took has even split the cardboard.


The sides of the box provides a list of the specifications in multiple languages.  There is also a picture of the case at the bottom that shows the dimensions of the case.


Opening the box, we find that Corsair has packed the Graphite 780T in a standard manner.  The case has been placed inside a soft cloth bag and then surrounded on two side by this Styrofoam blocks.  With the amount of damage done to the box, we find the Styrofoam blocks have broken on both sides, with one side being more severe.  Did the case get any damage?  We’ll see in just a few minutes.


Packed in typical Corsair manner, the included accessories are packed in individual ziploc bags and placed inside a small cardboard box.  The accessories include four zip ties, four long fan screws, four SSD panhead scews, one additional motherboard standoff, ten motherboard/hard drive screws, sixteen short fan screws, and twenty-eight SSD screws.  In additional a simple user manual is included that provides a list of these accessories and an exploded view of the case.



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