Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Wireless Gaming Mouse Review


Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Wireless Gaming Mouse

Corsair introduced the original Dark Core RGB Wireless mouse, along with the Qi-charging capable SE counterpart, in mid-2018. While the original Dark Core RGB looked to be a Logitech G502-esque wireless offering and garnered my initial interest, I wasn’t a fan of the side button layout and the wireless connectivity left a lot to be desired when compared with mice from competing companies like Logitech and Razer. Basically, the original Corsair Dark Core RGB just couldn’t be reliably used for competitive FPS and I couldn’t recommend it to our users. Corsair took the feedback they received regarding needed improvements on the Dark Core RGB and today we are looking at the end result after implementing a few changes, the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE ($89.99 shipped). Corsair has sent us the SE version of the mouse, which offers Qi charging capabilities, but is otherwise similar to the standard model.

Capable of a 2000HZ/.5ms polling rate and offering very stable wireless connectivity thanks to SlipStream technology, the Dark Core Pro RGB SE should be well suited for gamers who need a responsive stable mouse. Gone is the awkward side button layout of the original model, with two traditional side buttons now present. Corsair was keen to include a USB-C plug on the Dark Core RGB Pro SE, another welcome improvement. When looking at the specifications and features of the Dark Core RGB Pro, you’re getting a lot of tech reserved for high end products. In addition to the proprietary 2.4GHz connection, the Dark Core RGB Pro SE can also be switched to Bluetooth mode, allowing it to instantly switch between two different systems

Corsair is pitching the Dark Core RGB Pro as their top of the line wireless offering and as far as I can tell, they are currently the only manufacturer offering a wireless mouse with a 2000HZ/.5ms polling rate. The Dark Core RGB Pro features a PixArt PAW3392 optical sensor that has been optimized for low power draw by adjusting power based on usage, similar to Logitech’s Hero sensor. The PAW3392 can handle 450 IPS tracking at up to 50G of acceleration, with a maximum tracking speed of 18,000 DPI, so it is a very capable sensor on par with what you will find in any top gaming mouse on the market right now. With the Dark Core RGB Pro capable of 2000HZ polling over wireless and offering a very capable sensor, it has the makings of a very capable and accurate mouse.

Of course, the Dark Core RGB Pro SE Wireless is a flagship Corsair gaming peripheral, so it’s outfitted with brilliant nine zone RGB lighting that can be controlled via Corsair iCUE software. Of course, using the RGB lighting o the Dark Core RGB Pro SE will cause battery life to drain faster, so it can be easily disabled to satisfy power conscience consumers.

Corsair is using Omron 50 Million click switches for the main buttons and are claiming that they have taken extra steps to ensure the scroll wheel is durable on the Dark Core RGB Pro, as they have had scroll wheel issues on certain models of their mice. Corsair was keen to reflect that quality control and durability were a huge priority for the Dark Core RGB Pro Wireless. My personal IronClaw RGB Wireless from Corsair had the scroll wheel lock up after a couple of months, so hopefully the changes Corsair has made do indeed improve quality. It is nice to see the company addressing past points of failure as they move forward, rather than just denying the issues altogether.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Wireless Gaming Mouse Specifications

  • Wireless Connectivity: Hyper-fast, sub-1ms 2.4GHz SLIPSTREAM CORSAIR WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY, Bluetooth 4.2 + LE
  • Wired Connectivity: USB 2.0 Type-A to PC, USB-C to mouse
  • Battery Charging: Charges via USB to computer, Qi Charging on SE Model
  • Battery Type: Built-in lithium-polymer, rechargeable
  • Battery Life: 2.4GHz SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS: Up to 16hrs w/ standard lighting and 36hrs w/out backlightingBluetooth: Up to 18hrs w/ standard lighting and 50hrs w/out backlighting
  • Sensor: Pixart PAW3392, Optical
  • Sensor Resolution: 100 – 18,000 DPI, with 1 DPI steps
  • Onboard Profiles: Three
  • Backlight: Nine-Zone RGB
  • Buttons: Eight
  • USB Report Rate: 1,000/2,000Hz
  • Color: Black
  • Mouse Feet: PTFE
  • Cable: 1.8 m / 6 ft., braided, fixed
  • iCUE (Software) Supported
  • Dimensions: 127.0(L) x 89.0(W) x 43.0(H) mm / 5.00(L) x 3.50(W)
  • Weight: 133g / 0.31 lbs. (w/o cable and accessories)
  • Warranty: Two years

Dark Core RGB Pro Wireless SE Gaming Mouse Packaging and Accessories

Corsair packages the Dark Core RGB Pro Wireless SE Gaming Mouse in a cardboard box outfitted with their trademark yellow and black color scheme. The Qi logo is on the lower right front of the box and a graphic of the mouse appears on the front, though the graphic seems a bit washed out and doesn’t show the full details of the Dark Core RGB Pro SE. The original Dark Core RGB had a flap on the front that you could pull to see the mouse beneath a clamshell, so it seems Corsair was keen to reduce packaging costs on this model and has gone with a more simple outer sleeve.

Feature sets in a few different languages are on the rear of the Dark Core RGB Pro SE. A couple of images of the mouse from top and side profiles are also featured on the rear. We have a pretty sedate packaging here and Corsair isn’t going over the top, just including a few basic selling points in a straightforward package.

A warranty guide and instruction set are included with the Dark Core RGB Pro Wireless SE. The instructions are very detailed and informative, with information on how to pair the mouse over Bluetooth and a guide to decode what the different colored LED modes mean.

A compact wireless SlipStream dongle is included with the Dark Core RGB Pro SE. This compact dongle is very capable, as it can actually be paired with a Corsair SlipStream compatible keyboard along with the Dark Core RGB Pro SE, allowing users to save a USB port and not have to search for multiple dongles when moving your peripherals across systems.

Corsair also includes a very high quality braided USB-C cable with Dark Core RGB Pro SE, in addition to a right side grip that can be changed with the default flat grip, which I will show off later.

Overall, the Dark Core Pro RGB Wireless SE Gaming Mouse is packaged nicely, with everything needed, but no extras. A sticker or some other Corsair goodies would have been welcome here, but I understand needing to keep costs down.

Let’s take a closer look at the Dark Core RGB Pro SE Wireless Gaming Mouse on the next page.