Corsair Carbide Series 300R Gaming Case Review

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Looking Closer at the Carbide 300R

Corsair Carbide 300R

The Carbide 300R is simple in looks, with all black construction.

Corsair Carbide 300R front I/O panel

At the top is the front I/O panel. Left to Right: Power, Hard drive activity LED, reset, Audio ports, and USB3 ports.

Corsair Carbide 300R front panel

Though the front panel is made of plastic Corsair gave it some flair with faux socket head screws.

Corsair Carbide 300R metal mesh

The lower front is mostly metal mesh for the front intake.

Corsair Carbide 300R venting

To the side of the front panel is more venting.

Corsair Carbide 300R top

The top of the 300R is mostly mesh. It is setup to accept either twin 120mm or 140mm fans.

Corsair Carbide 300R left side panel

The left side panel has two mounting points for 120mm fans.

Corsair Carbide 300R back

Moving round to the back of the 300R: the 120mm fan is pretty close to the I/O shield area.

Corsair Carbide 300R rear fan

The edge of the fan body is right on the edge on I/O shield cutout. Under the fan are knock outs for water cooling pass through holes, no grommets included.

Corsair Carbide 300R expansion slots

The 300R has 7 expansion slots, each of the slot covers is vented. The area to the side of the expansion slots is vented as well.

Corsair Carbide 300R power supply area

The power supply area features a removable dust filter. The filter slides out from the rear of the case.

Corsair Carbide 300R case feet

The 300R has case feet styled like those on the 800D, but are plastic rather than metal. In each corner of the feet is a small rubber pad.

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