CES 2015 – Mobile Power Options by Ventev, MyCharge and Zolt

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MyCharge is another company that focus’s on portable power for the many devices we utilize everyday.  While most company were only focused on making the portable chargers smaller, MyCharge focused on making them smaller, more powerful and more user friendly.


While the main point of a portable battery charger is to charge the battery, MyCharge is developing a line of chargers with fashion in mind.  Each of the chargers in this line are coated in a soft-touch rubber and is available in a wide range of colors and styles.  The two versions is the StylePower and StylePower+, the difference is the amount of power they provide, with 2,000mA and 3,000mA.  Both chargers will include integrated cables, however only the StylePower+ comes with both Apple Lightning and Micro-USB. Additional features on the StylePower line includes Rapid Recharge (recharging the portable battery quickly), and PowerStay, alowing the battery to remain charged up to 60% for a full year.  This line of portable chargers should be avaialble in early 2015, with an undisclosed MSRP.


Fashion is important to some, however for others having a rugged battery is more important.  MyCharge recognizes that one style of charger does not fit everybody’s needs.  So they are coming out with an All-Terrain charger.  These are desgined to be drop-proof, dust-proof, water-proof and temperature-proof.  It has a flip top lid that seals off the ports to keep the charger safe.  Two versions will be available in 3,000mA and 6,000mA sizes.  Included features are Hyper-Charge (ability to charge devices faster than the OEM charger), Rapid Recharge (quick battery recharging), PowerStay (retaining 60% battery for up to a year), and Parallel Charging (ability to charge multiple devices at a time).   These should be available to purchase in early 2015, and are expected to have a MSRP of $39.99 and $59.99 depending on the size.


One other new portable battery charger that MyCharge has coming is the Hub series.  These batteries have integrated Apple Lighting and Micro-USB cables and features MyCharge’s Hyper-Charge, Rapid Recharge, Power Stay and Parallel Charging technologies.  There are multiple versions available depending on your needs, 3,000mA for $69.99, 6,000mA for $99.99, 9,000mA for $129.99 and 12,000mA for $149.99.  The 9,000mA Hub Max also features built-in wall prongs to make it easy to keep it charged, while the Hub Ultra includes a recharging base that allow the battery to be placed on the base quickly for recharging.

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