BitFenix Shinobi Window Case Review


Unboxing the BitFenix Shinobi Window MidTower

The Shinobi arrived in the standard case shipping container, a cardboard box, with nice graphics and a description of the product. The box has handled holes to make it easy to move the Shinobi Window while still boxed. At a ship weight of 18lb it is surprisingly light for a steel case.

BitFenix Shinobi Window box front

The front has a massive BitFenix logo with the BitFenix web site address and a big green dot clearly marks this as the Window version of the BitFenix Shinobi.

BitFenix Shinobi Window box left

The left side of the box lists the specifications with a image of the case.

BitFenix Shinobi Window box right

The right side of the box has the same information as the front with another large green dot denoting this is the Window version.

BitFenix Shinobi Window box back

The back has a few more views of the case and highlights some of the features of the case such as superior air flow and tool-free design.

BitFenix Shinobi Windoww box back

Opening the box you can see your standard thick Styrofoam end caps and the Shinobi Window wrapped in a plastic bag. It would have to take a pretty hard hit to damage the case with more than an inch of Styrofoam.

BitFenix Shinobi Window in foam

A nice touch for the windowed panel is that it is covered with a thick plastic film to prevent scratching during shipping.

BitFenix Shinobi Window window film

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