Bitfenix Raider Mid Tower Case Review

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Inside the Bitfenix Raider

After unscrewing the thumb screws and pulling off the panels we get a nice look inside the BitFenix Raider and see that like most cases these days it has a very nice matching black interior color.

BitFenix Raider inside

Even though this case is targeting the value minded gamer they included several features usually reserved for more expensive cases such as grommets along the edge and bottom of the motherboard tray.  There are dual hard drive cages and the top one is removable to accommodate long GPU’s. There are dual USB 3.0 cables from the four USB 3.0 ports that come with secondary USB 2.0 plugs.   There is also a large cut out to make installing your cooler after the motherboard is installed a snap.
BitFenix Raider USB 3.0 cable
A VERY COOL feature of the BitFenix Raider is that the top mounted USB 3.0 plugs actually have USB 2.0 plugs hanging off them in case you have an older motherboard that lacks USB 3.0 headers!
BitFenix Raider 5.25
The BitFenix Raider utilizes tool free locking mechanisms for the 5.25″ bay that we have seen them use on their other cases.  This design works fairly well but does allow a bit of wiggle depending on what is mounted in the bay.
BitFenix Raider HDD Cage
The hard drive cage has a top and bottom cage with the top removable by that thumb screw you see in the middle of the picture.  Each cage holds three trays for a total of six internal 3.5″ drives.
HDD tray
Like most cases today the HDD tray uses pins held with rubber grommets to secure 3.5″ hard drives and has holes to bottom mount a SSD making these universal trays.
BitFenix Raider top panel
This image shows the under side of that top tray where you can mount a 200mm fan.
BitFenix Raider ATX power passthrough
After doing several case reviews and complaining about the lack of easy access to the supplemental ATX power connector at the top of the case, BitFenix has a simple solution of just notching out a 3″ long port at the tray crease.
BitFenix Raider PSU area
The bottom has four rubber feet to support your PSU and the filtered intake for a bottom facing fan (just make sure you use the included feet)
BitFenix Raider back tray
Around back we have all the wires from the top I/O panel hanging down and a few zip tie anchor points.
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