Bitfenix Raider Mid Tower Case Review

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Outside the Bitfenix Raider

BitFenix has been using what they call “soft touch” as a material on the exterior of their cases lately and we have to admit it is really a nice looking feature that dresses up the case.  For the BitFenix Raider they utilized this rubbery material up the front sides and around across the top with black mesh steel in between.

BitFenix Raider Front
The front of the case has 4 knock outs in the black mesh for 5.25″ devices and has nice rounded corners on the bottom.  There is a large BitFenix logo at the bottom of the mesh panel and dual Specter 120mm filtered intake fans behind it.
BitFenix Raider Left
The left side of this value case is simple steel panel with indentations to help you pull back the panel and open this side.  We did notice that the panel is very thin and a bit flimsy but that is one of the trade offs you have to make for a budget minded case.  It does its job to cover the components and manage air flow and dust well enough that the thinness is not much of an issue.  Thicker panels just help with sound and vibration a bit more.
BitFenix Raider Rear
The back of the case has your typical reversible PSU mount with 7 ports above that and a Specter 120mm exhaust fan.  They also included dual ports to run tube for external water cooling.
BitFenix Raider Right
The right side of the BitFenix Raider looks just like the left, a solid black metal panel with grips to pull back the panel after you remove the thumb screws.
BitFenix Raider Top
The top of the case is again all mesh and has four USB 3.0 ports, headphone and mic ports, power, reset, activity lights, and a fan controller switch.
BitFenix Raider Bottom
The bottom of the case has filtered intakes for the PSU and optional bottom mounted 120mm fan.  Also notice the four round areas that look like they are for feet.  The feet are included in the pack below but not installed by default.
BitFenix Raider USB 3.0 Ports
Back on top of the case the left side has four USB 3.0 ports, the mic, and the headphone ports all within easy access.
BitFenix Raider Fan Controller
On the right side of the top are the power and reset buttons, power and HDD activity light, and a variable fan controller slider.
BitFenix Raider under the top
If you pull the top up it reveals the wires going to the top I/O and a large circle for an optional top mounted 200mm fan.  It did not appear there were mount points for any other sizes so this is a case of go big or go home.
BitFenix Raider front off
If you pull the front plate off the BitFenix Raider it reveals the top 5.25″ bay open and below it are three steel knock outs you have break away if you want to use them.  Under that section is the dual 120mm BitFenix Specter fans that are claimed to have very high noise to airflow ratios for silent cooling.  You can also remove these and replace them with a single 200mm fan if you prefer.
BitFenix Raider Filter
The entire front panel of the Raider is filtered, even the individual 5.25″ bay covers.  This is a surprisingly nice touch for a budget targeted case that you do not even find in some higher end cases.
BitFenix Raider Package Contents
Finally, BitFenix includes an owners manual, rubber and chrome plastic feet, assortment of screws, speaker, and a few black zip ties for cable management.
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