Asus P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @n Edition Motherboard


Overclocking Results

So, if overclocking is one of the three main areas that is setting high-end boards apart these days, I think it would be wise of us to take a look at how this board does… of course, we always do that anyway! This board, as is the case with most Asus boards I have ever used, was a dream to work with. Overclocking is easy, and it is very rare that you have to do much resetting of the BIOS to get the board back. It just resets itself and you are good to go! As we usually do, we started out with our default multiplier in overclocking. We left the ddr3 at the lowest setting that we could. We set the vcore at 1.5v as reported by CPU-Z. This board undervolted, so we actually had it set closer to 1.55v. With all that set, we upped the fsb until we no longer had a stable system. These are the results!

Asus P5E3 Premium review

Sure enough! We got a grand total overclock of 409fsb. These gave us a CPU speed of 3.681 Ghz. (CPU-Z shows the speedstep kickin in….) Next thing was to lower the CPU multiplier to 7 and see how high we could go with the fsb. And this board did great!

Asus P5E3 Premium review

Yup, it reached a fsb of 493, giving us a CPU speed of 3.451Ghz. This is really good, and certainly will give the other boards a run for their money in the overall picture of the value of this board.

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