Antec Sonata II ATX Case Review

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Final Thoughts

Antec Sonata 2

Although I did not like the ducting system used on the Sonata II, it is easily removed and set aside. That being said, the Sonata II is almost the same case as the original, only with some minor adjustments that make system cooling much better. The Sonata II retains all of the positive features of its predecessor, and improves the PSU from the original’s 380W to an adequate 450W SmartPower 2.0.

Another major draw of the Sonata II is sound. This might be the quietest case I’ve ever seen. When using the ducting system, the CPU and VGA fans were noticeably quieter, coupled with the HDD rubber grommets, the Tri-Cool fan, and Antec’s always quiet PSUs, the Sonata II could easily be used as a multi media center PC.

Overall I have no problem recommending the Sonata II to anyone looking for a quality mid tower case. Featuring Antec’s typical high quality design and some great looks, the Sonata II should prove to be every bit as popular as the original.

Sonata 2 Interior

The Legit Bottom Line

The Sonata II retains everything positive from the original, and with some cooling enhancements, a larger PSU, and decent price, those of you in the market for a mid tower to house your gaming system should be very happy with what the Sonata II has to offer.

Sonata 2 retail

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