Anime Expo 2016 Impressions and Huge Cosplay Gallery


AX 2016 Cosplays 1-20

During this past 4th of July weekend, Legit Reviews checked out Anime Expo 2016 in Downtown Los Angeles to see the hottest trends in anime, gamer, and comic book culture. The event is the largest anime convention in North America and has attendance numbers close to several other fan super conventions including San Diego Comic Con and PAX. Anime Expo is notable as a massive cosplay gathering which in these past few years have had numerous cosplayers dress as video game characters. During our previous two trips, the cosplay presence was dominated by League of Legends, but this year we saw a sharp decline correlating with what seems to be a fracturing of LoL players to other games including the recently released Overwatch.

Anime Expo has once again seemingly improved their event management. In the past, the convention was notorious for long and disorganized lines, lacking security, and overall poor customer service. This year, there seemed to be far fewer complaints from attendees and members of the media.

We open our Anime Expo cosplay gallery with Tasha and Doremi of Spiral Cats, a team of professional cosplayers from Korea, and who were also guests of honor previously at AX 2014. This year’s gallery comprises 140 photographs across seven pages. You can see our past two years linked below.

Tasha and Doremi of Spiral Cats

AX_2016_Cosplay_002 AX_2016_Cosplay_003 AX_2016_Cosplay_004 AX_2016_Cosplay_005 AX_2016_Cosplay_006 AX_2016_Cosplay_007 AX_2016_Cosplay_008 AX_2016_Cosplay_009 AX_2016_Cosplay_010 AX_2016_Cosplay_011 AX_2016_Cosplay_012 AX_2016_Cosplay_013 AX_2016_Cosplay_014 AX_2016_Cosplay_015 AX_2016_Cosplay_016 AX_2016_Cosplay_017 AX_2016_Cosplay_018 AX_2016_Cosplay_019 AX_2016_Cosplay_020