Anime Expo 2015 Part 3: Overstuffed Cosplay Album


AX 2015 HD Cosplays 1-20

Anime Expo 2015 is now over, with this year’s event officially setting a record number of unique attendees at 90,500, an increase of 10,500 attendees from last year. We’ve still got the biggest attraction to share No major anime or comic fan event is without cosplayers! Anime Expo is the largest of its kind in North America and we’ve put together a colossal photo album of some of the cosplays at the convention. At over 450 photos, this album might be tough to handle, though our browser-friendly and mobile-friendly website won’t have you loading and crashing through finicky web scripts. We’re also making available some HD photographs which are featured on the first two pages. Clicking the image will open full-sized versions. If you can’t get enough of what you see here, check out our past album at Anime Expo 2014 which can be viewed here. Please appreciate the hard work and devotion the cosplayers put into crafting their works. We hope to see more in the future including next year’s milestone 25th Anime Expo.

AX_2015_Cosplay_001HD AX_2015_Cosplay_002HD AX_2015_Cosplay_003HD AX_2015_Cosplay_004HD AX_2015_Cosplay_005HD AX_2015_Cosplay_006HD AX_2015_Cosplay_007HD AX_2015_Cosplay_008HD AX_2015_Cosplay_009HD AX_2015_Cosplay_010HD AX_2015_Cosplay_011HD AX_2015_Cosplay_012HD AX_2015_Cosplay_013HD AX_2015_Cosplay_014HD AX_2015_Cosplay_015HD AX_2015_Cosplay_016HD AX_2015_Cosplay_017HD AX_2015_Cosplay_018HD AX_2015_Cosplay_019HD AX_2015_Cosplay_020HD