Aliph’s Jawbone – The Best Bluetooth Headset Ever?

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Looking good with the Jawbone

Aliph’s Jawbone has really delivered a headset in the Jawbone, that features a with one of the best noise-cancelling features on the market today.  It is a distinct looking headset that is unique in an industry where design counts for a lot – no one will mistake it with a Radio Shack brand (not that there is anything wrong with Radio Shack products of course). In our experience, the charge on the battery lasted for more than the advertised 6 hours.  After using it pretty extensively during a typical day, we never got a low battery warning and the Jawbone still had energy left to spare.  For those of you looking for another piece of “Bluetooth jewelry”, the headset is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of times – it might even replace your normal bling.  Maybe not.

This headset really shines when operated in noisy environments as the on-board DSP, multiple microphones and the unique Voice Activity Sensor sheds the unwanted sounds and isolates and enhances the user’s voice.  Unfortunately, as great as this headset’s noise suppression and voice enhancement are, the headset really stumbles when you are actually trying to hear your party in these noisy environments.  

Aliph equips the Jawbone with an active volume adjustment where the volume of the headset gets louder when the user’s environment gets noisy.  This didn’t seem to help the Jawbone’s chronic inability to put out decent decibels.  Even using the manual volume adjustment was futile. 

Aliph JawboneAliph Jawbone


Of course, if you normally use your mobile telephone and Bluetooth headset in a fairly quiet environment or can isolate yourself away from noise, then these flaws are minor shortcomings.  But then again, if you are not interested in a headset that works in noisy environments, then you shouldn’t even be considering paying over $100 for a wireless headset.

Let’s remember, not everyone will need an active noise cancelling headset system to work with their mobile phones.  Many of us will choose to save their money on the headset and spring for more minutes or multimedia on their wireless plan.  There are many who will need an active noise canceling headset and the Jawbone is one of the best on the market today.  With the partnership that Aliph has created with AT&T, Verizon, and now Apple to carry this headset in their stores, you should see a lot more of these headsets on people’s ears in the upcoming months.

Is this headset the “Best Ever?”  Not in my opinion.  It certainly is one of the best on the market, but if you are potential buyer, understand that there is no perfect headset out there and you really have to do your homework in determining what is best for you.

Aliph's Jawbone


Legit Bottom Line:

At a list price of $120, Aliph’s second generation Jawbone Bluetooth wireless headset is one of the best noise canceling and voice enhancement headsets on the market today. The Jawbone is overall a very good headst, but because of the disappointing sound quality and volume generated from the headset, we can’t call it the best Bluetooth ever.

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