Aliph’s Jawbone – The Best Bluetooth Headset Ever?


Introducing the Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

In just a few years time, the mobile industry has seen the number of cellular subscribers rise to more than 1.62 Billion worldwide and over 200 million across the United States alone. From this number, it is estimated that more than 125 million Bluetooth enabled devices in the US are in use. Because the Legit Reviews community is made up of on-the-go hardware enthusiasts many using not only the latest in computers, but also the latest in mobile devices we have been consistently trying to keep the readers up-to-date and expose them with insight and reviews on the latest Bluetooth headset devices and technology to hit the market.

We like to separate the headsets that we review under two distinct categories: Headsets that have active noise cancellation and those that are passive. One can determine how much you will be spending if you just answer the very basic question of, Do I absolutely need a headset to work flawlessly in a very noisy environment? For many, the answer is no, and they can purchase one of the many passive noise-cancelling headsets on the market for under $50 and be content and happy. For those of us who need a headset to block out noisy backgrounds while engaging in conversation on the phone, the choices get more exclusive and the prices get more expensive. Typically, a good performing noise-cancelling headset will cost $100 or more.

In the past, we have seen some noise-cancelling headsets that have performed beautifully in some very harsh environments. Our favorite noise cancelling performers have been (not necessarily in order) the Qstik EVOQ, BlueAnts Z9, and Gennums nX6000. These headsets not only set the standard for others with their superb noise cancellation, but are comfortable to wear for long periods of time

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Box

Today we will take a close look at Aliphs Jawbone Bluetooth Headset, a set that has been called one of the best overall headsets on the market. This is Aliphs second generation Jawbone that has been available for several months now. Aliph has developed a new partnership with both Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless which makes the Jawbone easy to find at most stores and online for around $120. It is basic over-the-ear type headset that features a Voice Activity Sensor; multiple microphones for noise cancellation and voice enhancement; and a Aliph-designed noise shielding DSP.

Aliph has been a developer of advanced audio-and speech technologies products since it was founded in 1999. The founders, who met as Stanford University undergrads, enlisted technical help from experts at Apple Computer, Palm, and Motorola. The intelligent devices for mobile phone and VoIP that Alph have produced thus far have been technically superior to most all mobile communication devices on the market today.

The Jawbone Bluetooth headset that we are looking at today is Aliphs third release (after the Jawbone original and the Skype Jawbone). The Jawbone contains a whole array of sensors to detect the users speech allowing the speaker drivers to adjust for background noise as well as isolating your voice from noise for superb noise canceling in any environment. This entire process is done with proprietary DSP-based embedded software that analyzes sound at a rate of 380 times a second.

Inside Aliph's Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Key Specifications:

  • Noise Shield, a military-grade technology originally developed for use in tanks and helicopters, to eliminate background noise in the harshest environments.
  • Voice Activity Sensor that determines precisely when you’re speaking to separate your speech from background noise. Proprietary system of sensors and software that analyzes ambient noise up to 500 times a second, continuously optimizing incoming and outgoing audio quality.
  • Frequency boosting and automatic volume control helps you hear incoming callers as you move between noisy and quiet environments.
  • Customizable, ‘Fit-kit’ with a choice of four different earloops and earbuds.
  • Binaural and adaptable for use in left or right ear.
  • Ultra-lightweight, ergonomically contoured form factor built using medical grade materials.
  • Distinctive, award winning design by Yves Behar.
  • 6 hours talk-time
  • 120 hours of standby
  • Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 with a range of up to 33ft
  • Rapid charging via USB or conventional wall charger.
  • Width: 1.8″, Length: 2.2″, Depth: 0.7″
  • Advertised Weight: 14 grams

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