Aliph’s Jawbone – The Best Bluetooth Headset Ever?

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Out of the Box and On Your Ear

Inside the Jawbone Box

This is a very slick-looking headset that at first glance doesn’t appear to have any buttons.  It, in fact, has two multifunction buttons on the body, the “Noise Shield” button, and the “Talk Button”.  To get the right fit for your ear, Aliph includes 4 total earloops (2 sizes for the left side and 2 for the right side) and 4 earbuds of various sizes and shapes.  Having this kind of variety helps ensure that a user can get the most comfortable fit even from a hard-to-fit ear.

Jawbone Headset with Earhook

On the underside of the Jawbone, you will find something that sets this headset apart from any design we have seen on the market, the Voice Activity Sensor.  This sensor gives direct feedback to the Jawbone’s DSP to determine when the user is talking and separates the users sound from ambient sound in the background.  In theory, you isolate the noise for the “prime” signal to be enhanced.  We shall see how good this sensor works in our performance tests shortly.

Jawbone's Voice Detection Sensor

A view of the bottom of the Jawbone headset

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