ADATA SE900G 1TB RGB External SSD Review

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Final Thoughts & Conclusions

The ADATA SE900G RGB external SSD is one of the fastest portable NVMe SSDs on the market thanks to USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface. This will make it very appealing to those that are building new systems that not come with this connection for the very first time. Moving from a older SATA based external hard drive or SSD to the ADATA SE900G 1TB will give you a noticeable improvement. The test result from PCMark 10’s data storage test blew everything else out of the water!

ADATA SE900G Portable NVMe SSD

When it comes to aesthetics the SE900G far from disappoints with a modern housing shape and RGB lighting on the top panel. It would have been nice if ADATA included some way to control the RGB lighting and we have already expressed our thoughts on that with the company. You can’t turn it off or change the lighting effect, so there is some room for improvement on the lighting side. That said, it is pretty to look at and a conversation starter.

ADATA SE900G Portable NVMe SSD RGB Lighting

When it comes to pricing the ADATA SE900G 1TB RGB external drive that we benchmarked for this review runs $159.99 shipped over at Newegg and over at Amazon. The larger 2TB SE900G is available for $289.99 shipped. Both are backed by a 3-year warranty. These prices seem pretty reasonable for what you are getting.

In this review we compared the ADATA SE900G to the WD_BLACK P50 1TB Game Drive that also uses the USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface. The P50 doesn’t come with any RGB lighting and and runs $199.99 shipped at Amazon. That means the SE900G is about $40 lower than competing drives in this class.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: The ADATA SE900G is one of the fastest external SSDs on the market today and will make use of that USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 port on your system!

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