Final Thoughts

I’d have to say that the RX600 is a decent card if you are in the market for a mainstream graphics solution (under $200). The ABIT RX600 is a card that allows the end user without much overclocking experience to safely overclock their card via the V-GURU software. The performance from the X600 is not spectacular, but it was able to play DOOM 3, Half-Life 2, Far Cry and other current game titles with ease at moderate resolutions. If you are looking to build up a budget gaming system that has some unique features for bragging rights then the ABIT RX600 with V-GURU should fit the bill.

Compared to other results I’ve seen from X600s, this card really doesn’t stand out at all, coming up short in scores across the board. In “Turbo” mode the RX600 scores improved, but didn’t give us an increase that was able to compete with the XFX 6600GT. As to the cooling, I wish ABIT had either put heatsinks on all of the memory and not just on the GPU side of the card. When overclocking the card past the V-GURU settings we noticed that the memory was hot to the touch, so the lack of memory heat sinks could be a limiting factor to overclocking.

The RX600 Pro-Guru bundle includes PowerDVD 5 playback software as well as ABIT’s V-Guru utility, something I was very impressed with and would very much like to see released with ABIT’s entire line of video cards. Having a built in utility that allows you to fine tune and tweak your system makes thing much easier, V-GURU, coupled with ABIT’s U-GURU, gives you total control over your system, allowing you to find its “sweet spot” without constantly toying with your systems BIOS settings. Kudos to ABIT on this.

The Legit Bottom Line

If you are looking for a entry level mainstream video card to transition to PCI-E, the ABIT RX600 Pro-GURU is worth checking out.


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