8-way SLI and Crossfire Power Supply (PSU) Roundup

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Ultra X-Connect X2 550W

The Ultra X-Connect X2 550W PSU Label

Ultra’s X-Connect X2 550W is the second generation of Ultra’s completely modular power supplies. This is the first PSU we have seen where even the main ATX cable is detachable from the box! With unique features like FlexForce and 100% modularity, this PSU promises to offer better airflow along with the ability to handle SLI and Crossfire systems.

Feature List

The Ultra X-Connect X2 550W PSU Label

  • Fan: 12 cm low noise fan
  • Modular: Yes
  • Cable sleeving: No
  • Number of 12V rails: 2
  • PCI Express, SLI, and Dual CPU ready
  • ATX 12V 2.2 compliant
  • EMI filtering in PCI Express wires
  • Protection technologies: OTP, OCP, SCP

Unique Features

FlexForce: FlexForce is Ultra’s alternative to cable sleeving. Instead of sleeving all the cables, Ultra dresses the cables in a sleek titanium looking finish that flattens the wires. This allows you to route the wires around drives or even under the motherboard. By hiding the cables in places you normally wouldn’t be able to, FlexForce claims to improve airflow by as much as 30% over standard PSU cabling.


Coming in at just $89.99, the Ultra X-Connect X2 550W PSU represents the least expensive unit in this article. For an SLI Ready PSU, we hope this unit performs very well in order to give our readers a ‘lower’ cost solution for their system as this unit is $30 cheaper than the Antec Neo HE 550W which is the next cheapest alternative.

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