8-way SLI and Crossfire Power Supply (PSU) Roundup

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Mushkin XP-650 650W

The Mushkin eXtreme XP-650 650W PSU

Mushkin’s Enhanced Power Supply line offers the capacity and stability to feed the latest generation of computers with clean, reliable power. With very tight voltage regulation and low ripple, Mushkin power supplies provide the reliability you would expect from a performance leader. Features like QuadRail, RailFusion, and Enhanced Power Conditioning help make this unit appear to offer more stability than the others.

Feature List

The Mushkin eXtreme XP-650 650W PSU Label

  • Fan: 8 cm Ultra-silent fan
  • Dimensions: ??
  • Modular: No
  • Cable sleeving: No
  • Number of 12V rails: 4
  • PCI Express, SLI, Crossfire, and Dual CPU ready
  • EPS 12V and ATX 12V 2.02 compliant
  • Protection technologies: ActiveShield Technology (Over – voltage, current, temperature and short-circuit)

Unique Features

Rail Fusion: The Mushkin XP-650 automatically responds to increased loads by automatically combining the +12V rails to provide ample power to multi-GPU systems. However, the threshold of this feature is set rather high as we did not see the Rail Fusion indicator light turn on at all throughout our testing. This power supply has no fluff and was built by Mushkin to be one of the most stable power supplies on the market. 


Of the PSU’s in this review, the Mushkin XP-650 is the most expensive. Coming in with an MSRP of $219.99, and $40 more expensive than any of the others we tested, but right now Mushkin is offering a $40 rebate for those looking to buy this power supply.  Mushkin is hoping consumers see their product as the best performer and stable in order to justify the price premium on their first PSU to market.

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