6-Way 1GB DDR500 Round-up



Now that we have some baseline testing completed we can now take a look at how the memory does at the highest stable overclock at the loosest timings possible on our motherboard while using 2.8Vdimm. Could we go higher on the Vdimm? Yes, but we wanted to make this review fair for all the Canterwood boards that are not able to reach these voltages.

Geil Golden Dragon would not allow the system to post when running at other than CL2.5!! We increased the vDimm from 2.8V to 3.2V just to see if it would help and it did not.

Note that now all modules now have errors on MemTest86. Also keep in mind that testing scores now are heavily impacted by the CPU speed. How much higher will the OCZ go with more vDimm? Not much! We found that it would not post with more than 2.9vDimm!

Now for our conclusion!

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